Double Degree Programm Bologna

„Study once, cash in twice“

The Faculty of Engineering at UDE has developed a double degree Master's program "Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)" together with its partner university, the Università di Bologna in Italy. This program is the first double degree program offered at the Faculty of Engineering to UDE students.

The program is developed with funding from DAAD.

Virtual Q&A session on Thursday, 01.02.2024 at 4 p.m.

Dear students,

on Thursday, 01st February 2024 at 4 pm we will offer you a virtual Q&A session around the topics about the double degree program of our faculty "Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics" with the University of Bologna.

Interested Bachelor students in higher semesters and Master students in a Mechanical Engineering program are invited to join the session.

We are looking forward to your questions about our new double degree program!

A double degree? What is it?

One study course - two degrees

  • M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (profile Mechatronics from ISE study program)
  • Laurea Magistrale Mechanical Engineering (focus on motorcycles and vehicle engineering)

Two study phases

  • Home phase at UDE in the first academic year
  • Abroad phase at UniBo in the second academic year



  • Two degrees
  • No tuition fees thanks to cooperation agreement
  • Global engineering: graduates qualify for the international job market
  • Experience abroad: get to know a new culture, a foreign country
  • Study in the Italian "motor valley": Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, etc. are located here
  • Good scholarship opportunities

Your path to the double degree

Expression of interest

  • As early as possible (ideally at the end of the Bachelor's program or at the beginning of the Master's program)
  • Informally by e-mail
  • Arrangment of the curriculum and possible requirements

Application for the program at UDE:

  • Deadline by 31.03. each year
  • Proof of studies according to double degree curriculum
  • Grade point average in the first master's semester: 2.5
  • Proof of all credits of the first master's semester (max. 6 credits may be missing)
  • Upon admission to the program: nomination at the University of Bologna

Application for the Double Degree Program at the University of Bologna

  • Deadline by 30.08. each year
  • CV, motivation letter
  • Proof of studies according to the Double Degree Curriculum with a grade point average of 2.5 and proof of all credits.
  • Language certificates: German B2, English B2, Italian B1 (language courses can be taken at IOS at UDE, VHS or other private schools)

Please send your complete application documents via e-mail:

The program's sequence of events

1. Semester [@UDE]:

  • Expression of interest
  • Study according to double degree curriculum
  • Participation in language courses
  • Application for the program at the UDE (by 30.03. each year)

2. Semester [@UDE]:

  • Study according to double degree curriculum
  • Participation in language courses
  • Participation in preparatory courses
  • Scholarship application, if applicable
  • Preparation for the stay abroad

3. Semester [@UniBo]:

  • Recognition of study achievements at UniBo
  • Mobility phase: study according to double degree curriculum at the University of Bologna

4. Semester [@UniBo]:

  • Mobility phase: study according to double degree curriculum at the University of Bologna
  • Final thesis
  • Recognition of study achievements at UDE

Study plan

according to the double degree curriculum

Home study phase @ UDE

1. Semester (Winter)

Course Language ECTS
Reactive Flows (old: Combustion Science) en 4
Control Theory en 5
Control Theory Lab en 1
Manufacturing Technology de 4
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) de 4
Additive Manufacturing 2 de 4
Industrial Engineering de 4
Application Programming with CAx-Systems de 4

2. Semester (Summer)

Course Language ECTS
Virtual Product Representation de 4
Additive Manufacturing 3 de 4
Kinematics of Robots and Mechanisms en 4
Manipulator Technology de 4
Turbo Compressors de 4
Systems Engineering and Optimization de 4
Non-Technical Subjects M-ISE_PO19   8


Mobility phase @ UniBO

3. Semester (Winter)

Course Language ECTS
Vehicle Virtual Design en 6
Motorcycle Vehicle Dynamics en 6
Modelling and control of internal combustion engines
and hybrid Propulsion Systems M
en 6
Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics M it* 6
Chassis and Body Design and Manufacturing en 6


*In individual consultation with the professors, English materials may be requested.

4. Semester (Summer)

Course Language ECTS
Internship M-A1 en 6
Computer Aided Design Lab M en 6
Final Examination en 18




Our former scholarship holders report on their stay abroad at the Universitá di Bologna.
Read their exciting contributions and get a first-hand insight into their experiences.
From cultural discoveries to academic challenges - let yourself be inspired and get a taste of the fascinating city of Bologna.



General questions: Mr. Rade Sazdovski

Subject-specific support at UDE: Dr.-Ing. Tobias Bruckmann

Subject-specific support at UniBo: Assoc Prof. Beatrice Pulvirenti