Support Center for (International) Engineering StudentsCoaching

The coaching is aimed at students of the Faculty of Engineering who

  • have difficulties with the content of their studies or
  • would like to rethink their way of working and learning habits
  • would like to improve their study situation
  • are unsure about their choice of study program

Coaching in three steps

  1. If you are interested in coaching, just send us an e-mail!
  2. In preparation for the coaching interview, please fill out this profile sheet carefully and mail it to us.
  3. After the first clarification meeting, further appointments will be made (in person or via zoom). The coaching focuses on your personal concerns and your study goals.

You would like to

  • receive guidance
  • overcome initial difficulties in your studies
  • receive support if you are not sure how and whether to proceed
  • clear up doubts about whether your choice of study programme was the right one for you
  • optimise your learning conditions
  • Improve your learning techniques
  • get support with individual difficulties
  • give up blocking behaviour patterns

We would like to achieve that

  • you approach your studies with joy and optimism. If you notice that not everything is going as you would like or expect and you are thinking about quitting your studies or changing subjects, please contact us.
  • we are there to help you during your studies and support you in discovering and further developing your learning potential.
  • you will be able to cope with the demands of your studies in a targeted manner with the help of learning and working strategies and concrete tips on learning.

Industrial Engineering Maic (28 years)

"After graduating from high school, I first did an apprenticeship because I wasn't sure whether studying was something for me. After my apprenticeship, however, I realized that I would like to learn more and decided to study after all. I am older than some of my fellow students and also work part-time. The coaching helped me organize my job and studies better and took away some of my doubts."

Applied Computer Science Lea (24 years)

"I enjoyed my studies quite a bit, but in retrospect I should have done an internship. I didn't get around to it because I was so busy studying. So I noticed in my master's degree that I didn't really know how and where to look for jobs, because I wasn't sure what I liked. But during coaching, I got some tips on where to find support. Now I'm more relaxed about starting my career."

NanoEngineering Fatih (19 years)

"I started studying right after graduating from high school. I did quite well in the first two semesters, but after that I found it harder and harder to study. I couldn't motivate myself to study and wanted to drop out, but in coaching we found that I simply needed a little help with organizing my studies and learning how to study properly. Now that my mental block is gone and I know people to contact when things don't go smoothly after all."