The mentoring program of the Faculty of Engineering supports students at the beginning of their studies (e.g. choice of focused subject), during studies (e.g. to stick to the prescribed period of study) as well as at the end of their studies (e.g. career planning).

The mentoring program contains meetings at a regular basis with tutor and mentored student (at least 2 times per semester). Additionally individual mentoring appointments can be kept. The assignment of the students to mentoring professors is conducted by the coordination center.

Please send an e-mail for application to:

Mentoring for program or exchange students:
Freshmen are very welcome to an informal get-together to exchange plans about their academic and occupational future, expectations and goals with tutors.

Mentoring during the course of study:
For students of all semesters the mentoring program offers the possibility to personal conversations, if they have problems with their studies, bad course achievements, or if they cannot stick to the prescribed period of study.

Career mentoring:
Students, who will finish their studies soon, can keep mentoring appointments to discuss the direction of their occupational career or further academic career.

The mentoring tutors are:

  • (Komedia) E-Mail:
  • Adrian Kornblum (Wi.-Ing.) E-Mail:
  • Shiyun Liang (MBVT) E-Mail:
  • Martin Chalimowski (ISE) E-Mail:
  • Sarah Lukai (Bauing.) E-Mail: