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The mentoring program of the Faculty of Engineering supports students in the introductory phase and during the course of their studies.

We offer individual counselling sessions and work together to address your learning difficulties and time management.

We support you with individual problems that may arise during your course of study and, in addition to personal counselling, offer you encouragement and support with information, ideas, tips and materials.

If you - as you most certainly intend to do - want to study successfully, but don't quite know what you need to do to achieve this goal and how best to proceed, we offer you guidance to furthering your learning and working techniques.

To register for the mentoring program, please send an e-mail to:

Your start at the Faculty of Engineering

Help with orientation

First year students

New at UDE? We have put together important information for a successful start to your studies. Take a look at the exciting videos of our departments and gain an insight of the atmosphere in our faculty!

First year students website

Help and Counseling

For all questions concerning the study of engineering you will get quick and uncomplicated answers from SCIES (Support Center for International Engineering Students). Here you will receive assistance in administrative matters, support in finding accommodation, tips on campus life and much more.




  • Survey for first year students
    In an anonymous questionnaire in Moodle, we give you the opportunity to reflect on your first weeks at our faculty.
  • Anonymous Feedback
    Your suggestions, as well as criticism, are an opportunity for us to continuously improve the work of our faculty.

Moodle password: Ersti21

Feedback in Moodle

When your studies start to get intense

Help with study problems

Emergency kits in examination situations

If you are afraid of not being able to pass an exam shortly before it is due, here are some tips and advice on how to stay confident in such a situation and make the best of it.

Emergency kits


Our LuDis (Learning and Discussion Centers) are for all students who need homework help and want to prepare for the exam period. Here you have a place to read, study, reflect, ask questions, think along, discuss, surf and much more.



We support you with individual problems that may arise during your studies and offer personal counselling. If you have strong doubts about whether you want to continue your studies and give up, please contact us. You can often find ways not to give up.


Roadmap Video

In our roadmap video, we introduce you to our faculty support services that can be useful to you in planning and organizing your studies.

We encourage you to take your first intentional step toward your graduation by benefiting from our services as much as possible.

Check out our study roadmap to see where you are headed.

We wish you a good journey through your studies and a lot of fun with our video!

Self-study coursesImprove your competencies

We want to achieve that you can develop a positive and personal relationship with your study subject and encourage you to optimize your learning behavior and think about solutions. If you internalize our offers in the following, you will see that studying can be a lot of fun and enjoyable for you. Join us!

Course 1: Learning strategies

Within the framework of a self-study course, we show you various facets of learning strategies on how to study effectively. Our approach is not a recipe book based on the principle of "succeeding in your studies in 30 days", but an encouraging guide through your studies.

Course 2: Scientific work

Science can be exciting and bring you a lot of fun and joy. Doing scientific work as part of your studies is challenging enough in itself. Before you start working scientifically, you should learn and understand the basics of scientific work.

Course 3: Healthy and successful approach through your studies

As part of a self-study course in Moodle, you will find all kinds of tips and tricks for your studies, but also for life away from the university - so that you can complete your studies healthily and successfully.

Enrollment key: SCIES22

Team coordination

Your contacts for mentoring at the Faculty of Engineering are Ms. Patrizia Ring, Ms. Christina Iffarth and Mr. Rade Sazdovski.