Examination Boards

The examination board of a study program controls the compliance with the respective examination regulations. This also includes the recognition of academic achievements, extensions of deadlines for papers, decisions on appeals, and the like.

It also monitors the development of examinations and study times and makes suggestions for reforms to study and examination regulations.

The examination board can delegate the execution of its tasks to the chairperson for all regular cases (in particular the setting of examination dates, appointment of examiners and assessors, recognition procedures, compensation for disadvantages and examination conditions for students in special situations, inspection of examination files).

Chairperson of the Examination Boards

Automotive Engineering & Management Automotive Engineering & Management

Prof. Heike Proff
Room: MF 424a
Tel.: +49 203 37-91055

Civil Engineering Bauingenieurwesen

Prof. Jörg Schröder
Room: R12 S02 H02
Tel.: +49 201 18-32682

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Prof. Frank Einar Kruis
Room: BA 211
Tel.: +49 203 37-92899

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Online Master) Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Fernstudiengang)

Prof. Holger Hirsch
Room: BE 111C
Tel.: +49 203 37-93370

International Studies in Engineering International Studies in Engineering

Prof. Stefan Panglisch
Room: MF 162
Tel.: +49 203 37-93477

Teaching Profession Lehramt Technik

Prof. Stefan Fletcher
Room: V15 S02 C61
Tel.: +49 201 18-34530

Teaching Profession Structural Engineering Lehramt Bautechnik

Prof. Martin Lang
Room: V15 S02 C51
Tel.: +49 201 18-32642

Mechanical Engineering Maschinenbau

Prof. Arun Nagarajah
Room: MA 224
Tel.: +49 203 37-92585

Medical Engineering Medizintechnik

Prof. Daniel Erni
Room: BA 342
Tel.: +49 203 37-94212

NanoEngineering NanoEngineering

Prof. Gerd Bacher
Room: BA 109
Tel.: +49 203 37-93406

Logistics Engineering Technische Logistik

Prof. Bernd Noche
Room: SK 215
Tel.: +49 203 37-92785

Industrial Engineering Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Prof. Andreas Wömpener
Room: MF 147
Tel.: +49 203 37-94591