Within the Faculty of Engineering, several student teams have established working jointly on a project, offering a product and successfully introduce this in competitions and championships.

E-Team - Formula Student Electric Racing

The E-Team Duisburg is an association of dedicated and highly motivated students of the University Duisburg-Essen. Our aim is the successful participation in the worldwide Formula Student Electric Events. The Formula student is an international construction contest for students, which is known in Germany as "Formula Student Germany" since 2006. Every year teams from all around the world meet at international venues to compete in a fully competitive environment. The entire project is managed by students besides their studies in voluntary teamwork. To be successful in the Formula Student the fastest racing car is not the only deciding thing. Also the corporate skill of the team is important. At this event the combination of construction, performance of the vehicle, budgeting and sales argument are decisive.

In addition to these challenges we grant our project a special, innovative character by participating in the Formula Student Electric. The special feature is the application of the electrical railcar gearbox system used there. By this the future generation of engineers deals with the technology of future vehicles and pushes the development with their own ideas.

Paddleboat Team Duisburg

The paddleboat team Duisburg belongs to the shipbuilding guild Metazentrum and consists of a group of naval engineering students, who want to test their knowledge. Currently we possess two racing paddleboats, which we continuously maintain and improve. The body is designed as a drafting task and was manufactured after hydrodynamic improvement from fiber optic line. The mechanical composition was designed from the angle of light weight construction and flows into the self-made propellers, which are designed to provide speed and power, so that we belong to the top boats in sprint, bollard pull and in the total ranking of International Waterbike Regatta (IWR). The IWR is the competition which defines the rule for the design of the boats. This is about the construction championship of the naval architecture students, which are carried out athletically. They also fulfill the rules of the "Human Powered Vehicles" - organization (HPV), so that we participate frequently in the European and Worldwide Championship.

Concrete Canoe Team

The final project of seven students of the study course Civil Engineering consisted of building a concrete canoe. For the second time the students of Civil Engineering participated as a team for the UDE in the German Concrete Canoe Regatta. During the construction preparation a casing as a copy of sport and leisure Canadian was build. In parallel the students developed a powerful concrete mix. The shape of the Canadian had to be transferred to the vertical frame using plaster casts. Thereupon thin plywood panels were nailed onto the vertical frame. After finishing the casing the canoe could be covered with concrete.

The canoe has a wall thickness of 8 to 10 mm and a length of 5,5m, causing a weight of around 135kg. The boat passed through its high-pressure test in June 2011. Before the launch in Essen the canoe was named "Ruhrpott II" in dependence on the forerunner from 2009. The students participated in the 13th German Concrete Canoe-Regatta on the 24th and 25th June 2011 in Magdeburg with a women's and a men's team. The boat fulfilled all the requirements after the check by the jury.

The next regatta takes place in 2015.