Teams of Students

Within the Faculty of Engineering, several teams of students have been established who work together on a project, realize a product and successfully present it at competitions and championships.

E-Team - Formula Student Electric Racing

The E-Team - Formula Student Electric Racing is an association of committed and highly motivated students of the faculty. The goal is the successful participation in the worldwide Formula Student Electric Events. The Formula Student is an international design competition for students, which is organized in Germany as Formula Student Germany since 2006. Teams from all over the world meet annually at international venues to compete against each other. The entire project is run by students in voluntary teamwork alongside their studies. At the events, the combination of construction, vehicle performance, financial planning and sales argumentation is decisive.

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Pedal Boat Team Duisburg

The pedal boat team consists of a group of students specializing in ship and offshore technology who want to try out in practice what they have learned during their studies. Once a year the students compete with teams from other universities in the "International Waterbike Regatta", which takes place at changing locations throughout Europe. The form and endurance of the athletes as well as the technical finesse of the boats they construct themselves are important. At present two catamarans are in use. In the medium term, the existing boats will be optimized throughout the year, e.g. by using newly manufactured propellers.

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Concrete Canoe Team

A team of students of civil engineering finished high-strength, fibre-reinforced lightweight concrete canoes with which they take part in various regattas. Inspired by the organisation of the 2009 regatta right on their doorstep on Lake Baldeney in Essen, a team of eight students set to work. In the meantime, the team has grown to 24 students, who can show respectable success in the races. In the meantime, the canoes are made of a new type of lightweight concrete, the so-called aerogel concrete.

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Student Groups

Duisburg Shipbuilding Students Association

The association has the task of preserving the traditions of the students and graduates of the specialization field of ship and offshore technology as well as establishing and expanding contacts with shipbuilding students of other universities in Germany and abroad.

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VDE University Group

The services offered by the VDE University Group include case study competitions, information events for graduates, discounts on conferences and seminars, car pooling with the major industrial trade fairs, excursions and visits as well as further training.

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Essen Energy Club

The Essen Energy Club was founded in 2012 to facilitate and coordinate the exchange between students from different disciplines and companies in the energy sector. It organizes the annual Essen Energy Forum, a symposium organized by students and doctoral candidates on a voluntary basis on current topics and issues in the energy sector.

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AquaSmarTech Group

The AquaSmarTech Group is a university group founded in 2015 for the international Master's degree course "Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water". In addition to organizing events and arranging internships, the AquaSmarTech Group is the direct link between the field of "Mechanical Process Engineering / Water Technology" and the students.

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RE Con e.V.

Since 2015, we have successfully advised private people and companies on holistic energy concepts focusing on renewable energy. In doing so, we link the areas of consulting, energy & business with topics of sustainability and climate neutrality. We see this as part of our social commitment to advancing the energy transition.

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