With the final thesis, students show that they are able to work on a problem independently within a given period of time on the basis of the qualifications achieved in the course of study up to that point.

Procedure of thesis registration

  1. If the student fulfils the requirements for registration of a thesis (e.g. certain number of credit points, exam regulation specific achievements) a so-called “Signalkonto” („Voraussetzung zur Abschlussarbeit sind erfüllt“) is created in LSF/QIS on the transcript of records. The concrete requirements can be read in the respective examination regulations.
  2. The student prints a transcript of records from LSF/QIS (information about registered achievements) and shows this to the first examiner of the final thesis.
  3. The first examiner fills the pdf form for thesis registration with student data, subject of thesis in German and English language as well as the date of the subject assignment.
  4. The first examiner also fills the name of a second examiner in the form. The student can make a suggestion for the second examiner.
  5. The first examiner sends the completely filled form via email to the responsible person in the examination office and cc to the second examiner.
  6. The first examiner prints the form twice and the student signs the document.
  7. One paper remains with the first examiner; the second is for the student. The students also gets a printout with the assignment of the task and the document with the affidavit (Eidesstattliche Versicherung).
  8. The exam office calculates the thesis submission date, which will be communicated to the student’s email account with copy to the two examiners.
  9. Latest to the submission date, the student submits three bound copies and one electronic version of the final thesis to examination office.
  10. Afterwards, the examination office sends one version each to the first and second examiner by internal post. The first examiner receives as well the evaluation sheet for the thesis, which will be forwarded to the second examiner for her/his final assessment.
  11. Finally, the evaluation paper is sent back to the responsible person in the examination office by internal post.

Procedure for extending thesis-processing time

  1. According to the respective exam regulation, thesis submission can be extended upon a student’s reasonable request. The application deadline has to be considered and is apparent from the respective exam regulation.
  2. The student fills electronically the corresponding pdf application form for extending the processing time of the thesis, prints and signs it and hands it to the first examiner.
  3. The first examiner controls the application form, makes note of her/his assessment (if necessary, with explanatory statement) and sends the signed form by internal post to the chair of the board of examiners.
  4. After approval, respectively rejection of the application, the chair of the board of examiners sends the signed paper by internal post to the respective person in the examination office.
  5. The examination officer in charge informs the student accordingly.