Study and Teaching in the Engineering Sciences

The engineering sciences are characterized by mathematics and the natural sciences. A high degree of logical thinking and technical understanding, as well as an affinity for the subjects mathematics and physics are important prerequisites for studying engineering sciences. In addition, a good capacity for imagination and abstraction and an enjoyment of scientific-technical questions make studying easier.

In addition to analytical skills, a good knowledge of English is also required, as selected specialist literature is often only available in English. In addition, many elective courses are offered in English. But also the written expression in German language must be mastered, for protocols, homework and final theses.

Degree Course Offers

The spectrum of study programs in the Faculty of Engineering covers all departments with disciplinary, departmental and interdisciplinary, cross-departmental study programs in attractive and innovative fields. The range of courses offered consists of national, German-language courses of study as well as international courses of study with courses partly in English and a mandatory stay abroad.

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Module Database

The curricula reflect the recommended course of study, which enables students to successfully complete their studies within the standard period of study. For the organization of the study plans, the Faculty of Engineering uses a database of the modules and courses, in which students can research the study contents at any time and from any place.

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Course Catalogue

DuE Campus (formerly LSF) is an electronic directory for the registration and presentation of courses. The online service can be used, for example, to create timetables, to view the course catalogue or to register for courses and exams requiring proof of attendance.

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The "Support Center for (International) Engineering Students" (SCIES) acts as a help desk for all study-related questions in the Faculty of Engineering. The mission of SCIES is to support all students at the Faculty of Engineering and to help them gain the best from their experiences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. SCIES consults in questions with the studies, helps in administrative matter, supports in finding accommodation and is in all questions the first level support for the students.

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Learning and Discussion Centers

In order to improve the study conditions, the faculty offers department-specific learning and discussion centers (LuDi). The learning rooms, which are supervised by a coordinator and several tutors, provide space for joint learning and enquiries. In addition, students receive homework help here, have the opportunity to discuss special questions outside of lectures and prepare for the exam phases.

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The mentoring program of the Faculty of Engineering supports students in the introductory phase (e.g. choice of focus during studies), during the course of studies (e.g. adherence to the standard period of study) and at the end of studies (e.g. career planning).

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General Study Information

At this point some general information on studying engineering sciences as well as basic conditions for admission, registration and semester structure are given.

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Student Representatives

The student council represents the interests of the students in a student body. It informs students in particular about subject-specific matters and cooperates with the student representatives on the faculty council and other bodies at the faculty and university level.

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Prospective Students

The Faculty of Engineering offers experiments for schools and pupils, which should promote the joy and fun of technology and enable a playful introduction to the engineering sciences.

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