A study stay abroad opens up the possibility of gaining international study experience, deepening language skills, broadening one's intercultural competence and gaining insights into the international research landscape. In addition, it also increases the chances on the job market. For graduates, experience abroad is a clear plus when looking for a job. Numerous companies in the field of engineering sciences are already globally active with numerous business units outside Europe. The experience of a multicultural environment within the stay abroad represents a fundamental value in preparing for a job in an increasingly global working environment. There is the possibility of either obtaining a study place as an exchange student through the faculty's partner universities or attending another university of your choice as a "freemover" (tuition fees may then be charged!).

However, a stay abroad needs to be well prepared. It is recommended to start organizing at least one year before the planned stay abroad. There is a reason for this long-term preparation period:

  • Applications for a stay abroad often require extensive documents, which can be very time-consuming to obtain.
  • If a scholarship is required, it should be remembered that larger scholarship providers, such as DAAD and Fulbright, often have early application deadlines.
  • Depending on the destination, language certificates may be required which may still have to be acquired, such as a TOEFL certificate, which may not be older than two years at the application deadline.

Studis raus

Every year in November, the faculty organizes a consultation event for students on studying abroad under the title "Studis raus". This is intended to promote student mobility.

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ERASMUS stands for "European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students". Through the ERASMUS program, students can spend an exchange semester or an exchange year at one of the faculty's approximately 50 European partner universities.

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Partner Universities

The faculty has concluded partnership agreements with a large number of universities, including universities outside Europe. Among other things, these agreements also allow for student exchange.

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Stays abroad by students of the University of Duisburg-Essen can be supported by the scholarship programs PROMOS and DUE-Mobil.

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Double Degree Bologna

A new double degree course offer for ISE students in the M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics degree program.

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The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Engineering decided in its meeting of 16.9.2015 that only students with a study performance of 2.7 or better with at least 20 ECTS per semester are eligible for a stay abroad. Students who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements will not be nominated under any existing cooperation agreement, nor will a Learning Agreement be concluded. This applies regardless of whether or not a cooperation agreement exists with the potential host university. An exception is, of course, made for courses of study in which a stay abroad is mandatory.