Digital Summer Term 2021

Lectures and exercises will take place in digital format (via Moodle, ZOOM, BBB, Jitsi-Meet or similar). Please inform yourself about the currently used platform of your modules on the following index page and in LSF.
The professors will inform you about the examination format of your lectures on time.

​PowerPoint presentation with the most important information about your study start

PPT O-Woche EN

1. click on the screen presentation
2. presentation is downloaded
3. presentation starts automatically

Tips for the online teaching

We would love to welcome you personally in our lecture halls - unfortunately this is not possible in the current pandemic situation. Therefore, we would like to share a few tips for your online lectures.

Professional appearance

We ask that you do not select inappropriate virtual background images during live lectures. Eating during a live lecture is undesirable.

Don't be a passive student

Don't be a passive student and try actively to participate in the online lectures with your professors.  Don't be afraid to speak up. You can also exchange ideas with each other in forums or chat boxes. In any case, we ask that you keep discussions in a friendly tone. Let the other person finish their sentences and help other students.

Ask questions (in the chat?)

If you have questions during a live lecture, you can write your question in the chat. The professors always try not to leave any questions unanswered. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to listen first. Perhaps your question will be answered during the lecture. If questions arise during already uploaded lectures in video format, you can post them in the Moodle question forum. We also recommend that you stay connected with each other via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Studying is even more fun when you're in contact with each other.

Webcam on or off?

The use of your webcam is not compulsory. Nevertheless, your professors will be happy if they can see you. That's why it would be nicer if you switch on your webcam. This way you too can get a close overview of your fellow students.

Turn off your own mic

It is helpful if you turn off your own microphone when your professor or a fellow student is speaking, otherwise you may experience unpleasant feedback noise. We also recommend that you use headphones or a headset. We ask you not to interrupt the professors and to pay attention to their respective instructions.

Test your technical equipment

Make sure you test your technical equipment. You can join all lectures using your smartphone or tablet. However, we recommend that you use your desktop computer or laptop to attend online lectures. In our experience, the fewest errors occur when using a computer. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection beforehand, otherwise you might experience some lags during the live lecture.

Use Clouds

The best way to store your digital learning materials is in a cloud (Sciebo, Google Drive, Dropbox...). Clouds enable you a location-independent access to your learning materials and you can share them with your fellow students or always have them ready on your different devices.

Semester dates

1st April 2021
Official semester start

6th to 9th April 2021
Orientation week of the student councils
Check time and date on their homepages

12th April 2021
Start of the lecture period

10th to 21st May 2021 (under reservations)
Registration period for the examinations; only during this period is it possible to register for the examinations in the summer semester

25th May 2021
Pentecost (holiday)

23rd July 2021
End of the lecture period

23rd July 2021, 3 pm
Ceremonial farewell of graduates; also interesting for freshmen to see

26th July 2021
Start of the examination phase in the summer semester

Our professors introduce the subject areas in a short video.


Stay networked - stay in touch - exchange ideas - ask for support!

LuDi (learning and discussion centers)

The LuDi are primarily aimed at students in their first two semesters, but they can also be used as learning rooms by students in higher semesters. 

Use the opportunity to discuss special questions outside of lectures and to better prepare for the exam phase.

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Student councils (Fachschaften)

Your fellow-students from the student council represent students' interests at the university. They organize the orientation week, different activitites and events during the semester and help you in any way they can with your study material, establishing contacts with other students etc.

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First semester special: all offers

The Academic Counseling Center has set up a special counseling service for freshmen.
In the freshmen's portal you will find current information on all offers for freshmen of the upcoming summer semester 2021.

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The mentoring programme of the Faculty of Engineering supports students in the introductory phase of their studies and during the course of their studies.

As part of a self-study course, we show you various facets of learning strategies and how you can learn effectively.

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The "Support Center for (International) Engineering Students" (SCIES) serves as a central information point for the students at the Faculty of Engineering.
We not only provide information and consultation on study and organizational questions, but also help get the most out of your studies.

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