First-year students

Corona and hybrid semesterCurrent information

The summer semester 2022 is scheduled to take place in presence.

There might again be digital, in particular hybrid, courses, offering e-learning opportunities as in the previous semesters. Very large courses might still take place digitally. Please inform yourself about the concrete format of a course via Moodle or LSF.

The Corona Protection Ordinance specifies that events in educational institutions may only be attended by immunized or tested individuals.

3G checks

The 3G checks for participation in events, especially teaching and examination events, are no longer required. However, regular testing remains strongly recommended in your own interest. The test centers at the campuses remain open.

Mask obligation

In order to decisively reduce the risk of transmission of the virus, the obligation to wear at least one medical mask continues to apply in teaching and examination events, in public areas and in general circulation areas (corridors, foyers, toilets, elevators, etc.). This is not only for your protection, but also out of consideration for those whose health and well-being are particularly dependent on attentive interaction.

Exceptions to the obligation to wear a mask apply to teachers if the required minimum distance of 1.50 m is maintained, as well as to persons in practical teaching (e.g. in laboratories, workshops, art studios) if the wearing of a mask is not necessary or possible due to special circumstances or regulations.

Up-to-date information on regulations & vaccination campaigns
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Roadmap Video

In our roadmap video, we introduce you to our faculty support services that can be useful to you in planning and organizing your studies. 

We encourage you to take your first intentional step toward your graduation by benefiting from our services as much as possible. 

Check out our study roadmap to see where you are headed. 

We wish you a good journey through your studies and a lot of fun with our video!

Videotutorials - Checklist

Moodle, myUDE-App & HisinOne Videotutorials

The University of Duisburg-Essen uses and offers various online portals to provide different services. Here you will find video tutorials to help you find your way around the platforms.

You can also find more tutorials from the ABZ here: Video tutorials about the online tools of the university


In the free myUDE app (available for Android and iPhone), you can not only view the canteen menus and access your semester ticket, but also you can check your timetable and grade overview. The personalizable app provides access to exam registration and exam deregistration, the UDE job search market, shows you your current library book loans, public transport departure schedules, and even a navigation function to help you find your way around campus.

Here you can find our video tutorial on how the app works.


Moodle is the platform where you can find lecture and seminar content.

A video tutorial on how to find your way around can be found here.


You already know HisinOne from your enrollment. As a student, you will find many administrative functions in HisinOne, such as your certificate of enrollment and exam registration and deregistration.

To help you find your way around the portal, we have two videos for you:

Study plan and schedule

In the following powerpoint presentation we demonstrate where to

  • find your study plan, and
  • how to create your personal schedule

1. click on the presentation link
2. presentation is downloaded
3. presentation starts automatically

For a successful start of your studies Checklist

  • Activate university identification
  • Submit certificate of enrollment to necessary offices (e.g. for your health insurance)
  • Determine dates and deadlines (exam, seminar and course registration periods, lecture times, etc.)
  • Determine dates for introductory events during orientation week
  • Read module handbook and examination regulations
  • Create timetable
  • Register for lectures, seminars and courses
  • Find contact persons and student representatives for your course of study
  • Apply for online access to internet portals
  • Charge your student ID card for payment transactions in the library, cafeterias and photocopying machines
  • Download myUDE app and download semester ticket in it
  • Arrange student financing (BAföG, parents, part-time jobs, scholarships, etc.)
  • Follow the Faculty of Engineering on Instagram to stay up to date

Dates - Events- Contacts

A calendar page

Summer semester 2022 Semester dates

Semester start 01.04.2022
Orientation week 28.03. - 01.04.2022
Lecture start 04.04.2022
Exam registration period 02.05.-13.05.2022
Whitsun holidays 07.06.2022
UDE Summer festival 2022 08.06.2022
Lecture-free bridge day 17.06.2022
Lecture end 15.07.2022
Start of exam period 18.07.2022
Semester end 30.09.2022
"Engineers' Day" in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering 30.09.2022
A seminar room with people following the lecture

Dates Examination dates summer 2022:

Under the following link you will find the current time table for the exams in summer semester 2022:

Time table for exams in summer semester 2022

Contact persons & resources

Contact person

  • The ABZ is your contact for problems concerning your studies. Especially for freshmen the ABZ offers an email hotline:
  • For questions concerning the study of engineering sciences the Helpdesk SCIES offers you help.
  • To make it easier to network with fellow students, the ABZ offers a list of chat groups for first-year students.


  • Here you will find a FAQ that answers many of the frequently asked questions you may have as a first-year student.
  • At the ABZ you will also find explanations for some functionalities as well as maps of the buildings and some more: Orientation for freshmen
  • On the virtual market of possibilities all institutions around the university present themselves. Take a look!
  • On the page of the ABZ you will find a list of different counseling centers that can help you with specific problems.
  • How do I study for an exam? Who do I turn to if I get stuck in my studies? You can find helpful tips and various contact persons in our emergency kit.

Stay networked - stay in touch - exchange ideas - ask for support!

LuDi (learning and discussion centers)

The LuDi are primarily aimed at students in their first two semesters, but they can also be used as learning rooms by students in higher semesters. 

Use the opportunity to discuss special questions outside of lectures and to better prepare for the exam phase.

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Student councils (Fachschaften)

Your fellow-students from the student council represent students' interests at the university. They organize the orientation week, different activitites and events during the semester and help you in any way they can with your study material, establishing contacts with other students etc.

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First semester special: all offers

The Academic Counseling Center has set up a special counseling service for freshmen.
In the freshmen's portal you will find current information on all offers for freshmen of the upcoming semester.

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The mentoring programme of the Faculty of Engineering supports students in the introductory phase of their studies and during the course of their studies.

As part of a self-study course, we show you various facets of learning strategies and how you can learn effectively.

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The "Support Center for (International) Engineering Students" (SCIES) serves as a central information point for the students at the Faculty of Engineering.
We not only provide information and consultation on study and organizational questions, but also help get the most out of your studies.

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