ZIM Roadmap for Students

The Center for Information and Media Services (ZIM) is

the central IT service provider at University Duisburg-Essen.

Our tasks rang from

providing networks and servers, running e-learning platforms, a qualified consultation regarding all e-services, as well as scientific computing, media- as well as DV-technical support, media production and conveying competences to support for events and library- and administration processes.

​In the “ZIM Roadmap for Students” you can read about many of the ZIM’s services that are important for your studies. You can also find links to further information. You can download this roadmap as a brochure.

Brochure [PDF]

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As a first place to go, the e-Points in the libraries on Campus Duisburg and Essen offer a qualified consultation and competent first-level-support.

Information about the e-Points

Access to the Services



The Unikennung is your login-ID. It is a combination of letters and sometimes numbers, that with your password is needed for most services of the ZIM as well as other secured areas of UDE. All students get their personal Unikennung as well as an activation password upon enrollment at the student’s office. The Unikennung has to be activated in the Selfcare-Portal first, before it is valid.

The Unikennung is valid until you leave the university. Upon leaving, all given clearances and ressources will be removes (see alumni rules).

Information about your Unikennung



In the Selfcare-Portal you can change the settings of your Unikennung. You can for example change your password or choose a separate WiFi password. You can also change the settings for your e-mail account’s SPAM protection, your membership in the university’s mailing lists (e.g. the UDE newsletter) and unlock your personal website. There, you can also see if your Unikennung is locked for some reason.

to the Selfcareportal


Upon enrollment, all students receive their own e-mail account on the server mailbox.uni-duisburg-essen.de. The given e-mail address usually looks like this: firstname.lastname@stud.uni-due.de

The ZIM offers the WiFi network eduroam on all campuses and locations of UDE. You can access it with <Unikennung>@uni-due.de and your university password or a separate WiFi password.

VPN stands for virtual private network. Via this you can create a secured connection to the university’s IT-services from an external network.

Work Space

PC Work Spaces
The ZIM provides both campuses with PC work spaces. These are equipped with virtual desktops. Besides a basis software package, you can choose other software you might need from an extensive software package with just one click.

Virtual Desktops on Your Own Devices
Students can use these virtual desktops on their private devices on campus as well as from an external location. This way, you always have access to powerful hardware and an extensive software list, regardless of your own hardware. The only prerequisite is a working internet connection.

Free Software
Due to campus- and state licensing contracts you can use licensed software for free or at least at a much lower cost.

Via Microsoft’s Office 365 ProPlus you can use the software Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and One-Note for free on up to 10 different devices.

You have access to more free Microsoft products via Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.


Information on IT-Security
Informing yourself about IT-security is a matter of utmost importance for students to ensure a safe use of computers and smartphones.

All members of UDE can request user certificates. These can for example be used to sign e-mails.

Secure Password
The chosen password should fulfill some minimum requirements of complexity, so strangers cannot guess them by trial and error (or with the help of software).

Antivirus-Software: Sophos
To protect important data from viruses, you should always use an up-to-date virus scanner!


Many teachers use the e-learning platform Moodle to help them with their classes. In Moodle you can work together with other students online in message boards, download study materials for classes or take online study tests.

Campus-Cloud Sciebo
Sciebo is a cloud saving service for research, studies and teaching, that runs on the servers of universities in NRW.

With Gigamove students have the option to send large files (up to 2GB per file; 10GB in total), which they cannot send as an e-mail attachment due to their size.

Mahara is an e-learning tool, that can be used for academic projects in certain modules as well as independently and individually. Mahara is also an e-portfolio-system. That means, you can put together texts, videos, images etc. to a portfolio or blog.

Study Management

In the class management system LSF you can create your own school timetable as well as register for courses.

In the campus management system HISinOne you can (or have to) register for exams online. Furthermore, you can check the progress of your studies as well as your grades. You can also download and print enrollment sheets for the current semester and the semesters before or change your address and phone number.

The campus app myUDE is the central access point for the university’s essential services. It provides access to your timetable, exam registrations as well as test performances and your library account. You can look up which PC workspaces are occupied, the cafeteria’s menu and maps for orientation. You can also use the VRR-/NRW-ticket with myUD.

The ZIM offers a variety of IT related courses.

Furthermore, there are free e-learning courses for Microsoft products.

You can download digital scripts (PDF) as teaching- and study documents for free via the online platform HERDTCampus.

Further Services

Renting Media Technology
Members of the university have access to an online renting system for renting modern media technology. Students can use these interactive large screen monitors for their presentations.

There is a webspace connected to every Unikennung to create your own homepage on the university’s webservers.