Quota on E-Mail accounts

There is limited mailbox space on the ZIM’s mailbox servers. Mails that exceed this space can not be delivered.

Mailbox Size

  • Students whose mailbox exists since 01-08-2018 have a quota of 1GB.
    Students whose mailbox was created earlier than that have less space but can increase it themselves via the Selfcare-Portal.
  • Employees have a quota of 2GB
    If needed you can increase it yourself to 4GB via the Selfcare-Portal.

Over Quota

  • For the mailbox server “mailbox”:

    If your mailbox is about to reach maximum capacity (mail quota), you will receive an e-mail. Should your quota reach 90%, you will get multiple warning e-mails. If you exceed 95% you will be notified daily. As soon as you delete mails and make space the notifications will stop.
    You can check your Mail-Quota via Webmail-Interface or via  Selfcareportal.
  • For the Groupware server “Exchange”:

    As soon as you exceed your mail quota you will get an e-mail notification.

    You can check your Mail-Quota via Outlook, OWA or Selfcareportal. You can find  Informationen about checking your quota in our FAQ.

You can find information on how to reduce your quota in our FAQ.

Check your currently used mailbox space:

Save e-mails locally:
(also for saving e-mails in case of an account deactivation)