Access to a Virtual Desktop

To connect to a virtual desktop from your own system, you need the software VMware Horizon Client. You can download this software for free from VMware for your desktop operating system (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux) or your mobile device (Android, iOS).

The ZIM offers this fee-based service to the university’s facilities and institutes upon consultation. We do not offer this service for individual use yet.

Students can use this service for free on their private devices.

Please remember to save your data from time to time. After quitting a session, any unsaved data will be accessible for only 3 minutes.

A session can go up to a maximum of 24 hours, so that everyone has the opportunity to use the sessions available. After that you will have to log in anew.

Upon installing the software with its standard settings, start the software VMware Horizon Client. A window should pop up. In this window you click on “+New Server”. 

The software will ask you to enter the address of the server you want to connect to. If you are connected to the university’s network enter If you are working from an external network, enter and confirm by pressing “Connect”.

In the following window enter your university-ID (Unikennung) and your password and confirm by pressing “Sign In”.

Note: You can check if the connection is secure by making sure there is a padlock symbol beside your server address in the login window.

After that you get a selection of virtual desktops available to you. By double clicking you can start a session of your choice.

Note: The virtual desktops will open in full screen mode with the active scaling settings of your local operating system on all available screens. You can change this in the client’s settings separately for the desktop in use.Client Settings