Workplaces for studies

Workplaces in PC-Pools and in the university library

Use the same work environment everywhere via our virtual desktops.

Students can use the virtual desktops on their private devices as well.

Public Workspaces

The ZIM provides you with PC workspaces on both campuses. Many of these workspaces were modified, so you can now use a virtual desktop with an implemented software center. With this you have the same work environment no matter where you are. In addition, you can choose from a variety of software with just one click.

If for example you need a certain software for an event, you can send us a software request. Please consider that we need around four weeks to process your request.

Campus Duisburg

  • The ZIM’s PC pools are in rooms LC 036, MA 425, BA 028 and can be used by all members of the university during the buildings business hours.
  • The ZIM provides more PC workspaces in the libraries. These can be used during business hours in the specialized libraries BA, MC and LK.
  • In BC 203, LB 239, MC 327 and MB 142 there are PC pools to use for class purposes.
  • Please note: Classes always come first!
  • In rooms LF 051, BA 022, in the LB lobby and in the passage between BA/BB in the 2nd floor you find workspaces where you can use your own laptop. 

Campus Essen

  • The ZIM’S PC pools are in rooms S06 S00 B08, R09 R00 H02 and SH 212. You can access these PC pools during business hours between 7am and 9pm. In SH 212 you first need a key for the floor’s door.
  • The ZIM provides more workspaces in the specialized libraries GW/GSW, MNT and Medicine that you can use during business hours.

(on private devices) Virtual Desktops for Students

Students can use the university’s virtual desktops on their private devices on campus as well as from outside the network. With this, you can access a powerful computer as well as a variety of software regardless of your own hardware. The only requirement is a functioning internet connection.

You can find information on how to make use of this offer under VDI-access.

We start this offer with a limited capacity of parallel users. If we notice a high demand, we will expand our capacities. For this we need your feedback. Please tell us about your experience with VDI via


To print your documents, there are printing stations available in the libraries. There you can also scan or copy graphics and texts.