Changes Regarding Microsoft File Types

Attachments containing files in older Office file types (e.g. .xls, .doc, and .ppt) are used regularly to circulate malware. That is why the UDE will no longer accept mails with these kinds of attachments, starting on 07-01-2019. The sender will be notified, if their mail has not been sent (see example). This measure will not affect university internal traffic for now.

Because it is a matter of security there is no exception possible.

Please try to avoid these old file types altogether and instead switch to newer file types (like .xlsx, .docx, .pptx) (see below). These formats cannot contain macros and are much more secure.

If everyone uses these newer formats, attackers will have it harder to sneak in malware. This increases your own security and that of your mail recipients.

How can I recognize old formats?

In the Explorer under “View” you can check the box for “File Extensions”.

alte Erweiterung alter Typ neue Erweiterung neuer Typ
.doc Word 97-2003-document .docx Word-document
.dot Word 97-2003-template .dotx Word-template
.xls Excel 97-Excel 2003-worksheet .xlsx Excel-worksheet
.xlt Excel 97-Excel 2003-template .xltx Excel-template
.ppt PowerPoint 97-2003-presentation .pptx PowerPoint-presentation
.pps PowerPoint 97-2003-presentation .ppsx PowerPoint-presentation
.pot PowerPoint 97-2003-template .potx PowerPoint-template

How do I convert files to newer formats?

Open the file in a recent Office program (e.g. Word 2016) and save the file as a newer format. For this go to “File” -> “Save as” and choose the newer format.