VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

You want to use special software or alternative operating systems regardless of where you are and what kind of device you are using?

The ZIM provides these services via SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). With this, current operating systems and software can be distributed to your PC. You do not have to worry about updates of acquisitions, since the software is updated centrally.

You can access these virtual PCs from different devices everywhere. VDI allows us to provide centrally managed, standardized PCs (for example for PC pools) as well as individual work spaces, generated by central master images on powerful hardware.

You can use a standard package consisting of Microsoft Office and software needed to use the internet. If needed, we can also provide special software.

What are the advantages?: All work space PCs are automatically part of the Active Directory and are using the Fileserver. This means, your files are backed up regularly. Also all of our PCs have safe virus protection software installed.

With this the users administration efforts are minimized and our work space security is maximized.


You can access software via a softwarecenter (which we developed in cooperation with CVIS) whenever you need it without having to install it. Just access the software shop via an icon on your virtual desktop and choose your preferred software with one click. The software is usable right away.

All of the university library’s public PC-pools and work spaces have been switched to virtual desktops. Right now, 160 work spaces are managed via virtual desktops.

Furthermore students can access their virtual desktop on their own private devices.

You can find information on the cooperation between ZIM and CVIS here.


For which systems is the use of VDI recommended?

  • Standard Office work spaces
  • Employees with changing work spaces
  • Telework
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Systems, you do not have to expand regularly
  • PC-pools


For which systems is the use of VDI not recommended?

  • Systems that are not connected to the network (e.g. lab systems)
  • Work spaces with high hardware requirements and special software and licensing


The ZIM is running a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on the basis of VMware Horizon View – consisting of 4 servers (ESXi-servers with 212 cores, 1,6 TB RAM and 31 TB vSAN hard disk space), with which you can access 300 virtual PCs at them same time. Five additional management servers support this process. One of these is a so called VMware App VolumesTM instance.

The standard desktops run on Windows 10 and have a Microsoft Office 2016 package installed. More software can be chosen from one of the pools.

The users log in as usual with their ID (Unikennung) on the desktop and can find their files in their personal home directory. (see Access to a Virtual Desktop)


The ZIM offers this fee based service (prices depend on individual requirements) upon consultation for organizations and institutes. This service is not available for individuals.

Students can use this service for free on their private devices.

Please contact our VDI team, so that we can customize the service to your wishes.

Contact: vdi.zim@uni-due.de