Servicecenter for media technology

The ZIM provides all centrally managed classrooms and lecture halls with media technology or components necessary for lectures and big university events and supervises them.

The ZIM is part of any and all modernization or renewal measures regarding centrally managed rooms.

Because of the increasing digitalization of teaching, steady technological advancements and the more intensive use of technology, investment intervals for media technology have become shorter and shorter.

The controls of media technology components are being standardized at all locations of the university, so that technology is used the same way in every room and can support academic teaching. Also all information regarding media technology equipment are bundled with manuals centrally in the LSF.

Technical Problems in Auditoriums?

The media control systems are monitored via a software preventively, so the ZIM can step in if needed.

To avoid long downtime all media technology undergoes maintenance measures during semester break and is repaired if necessary. In addition, all big auditoriums are checked daily for vandalism and theft.

Should the media devices (e.g. wireless microphones, projectors, video units, digital presentation boards etc.) in the classrooms malfunction anyway, please contact the service central for media technology.

Our employees will fix the faulty devices as soon as possible to avoid canceled classes.


If needed we offer an introduction to the devices and media technology in the class rooms to ensure a trouble free user experience.

Furthermore we support and offer advice to all departments of the university regarding questions about media technology. We also collaborate closely with the users to create and implement multimedia room concepts.

Renting Hardware

Employees and students can use an „Online Renting System“ to rent modern media technology for academic purposes. Our stock (including HD-projectors, mobile interactive 65“ big screen TVs with touchpad functions, notebooks and notebook clusters, digital recording devices, 4K-camcorders and wireless microphones) are updated regularly.

Information on what devices are available and how to rent them you can find under renting media technology devices.

Booking Rooms

You can book rooms with extended media technology features that are not listed in the university’s quota via the service centrals for media technology.

First Level Support

The Hotline 

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Phone 0203 379-3260
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