Workspace Support

Support with Problems

Should you encounter a problem with one of our IT-systems, our hotline and the e-Points are there to help. Many problems can be solved there immediately.

Services for Employees

There is a small ZIM team available for all employees of UDE to help you set up ZIM services or solve any IT problems you might encounter.

In most cases, we can offer support directly from our workshop. We gladly support you via phone or remote access. With just a few clicks, we (and people authorized by you) can navigate your PC together from a different location. You can follow anything we do directly on your screen.


We recommend devices from DELL as a standard for your computer workspace, which you can obtain via our closed framework contract with the company Alsterarbeit.

In case of an error, your PC will be fixed by a technician of said company in your office, as soon as possible. This Pro Support is (besides cheaper conditions) an exclusive part of the contract with Alsterarbeit.

You can find Addresses and phone numbers as well as contact persons regarding other framework contracts on the page IT-Hardware of the subject area Purchasing/Inner Services (only via intranet).  You can find information about the repair process of our contract partners on the page of Purchasing as well.

Please note procurement directive and process instruction of central purchasing.

We can only offer limited support for devices that were not obtained via the framework contract, since you might need special expertise in said devices (see “Revision report framework contracts IT-hardware”). Our team will support you within the realms of possibility.

Note: Since we cannot offer any kind of warranty on repairs, the ZIM will not do any kind of hardware repairs. However, we will gladly try to support you with a diagnosis.

Services for Students

For students we offer (besides support from our e-Points) an installation service “From Students for Students”. For this we hired a student assistant, paid by QV-funds.

Please send us your request via our web form.

Requests will be processed in order.

In addition students can used the ZIM’s virtual desktops, which are available on all public computers on campus, as well as on your private devices on or off campus. With this, you always have a powerful desktop and a variety of software at your disposal.

Use our offer for equal conditions in your studies.

We gladly receive your feedback or problems directly via mail.

Note: We cannot provide any help with hardware repairs (assembly, replacement etc.) on your private devices.

Extended Service

The ZIM provides support-teams in different areas and institutes of the university within an extended fee-based support on basis of individual service level agreements.

Our offer includes consultation and direct technical support for all ZIM services (e.g. e-mail, VPN, Wi-Fi etc.), as well as support with hard- and software errors. For the supervision of the workspace PC we use our central workspace management

Up to now we have service level agreements with the following institutes and areas:

  • Faculty of Mathematics              
  • Institute of English Studies
  • Institute of Cultural Science (KWI)
  • University Library
  • Central Administration

Should you be interested in this offer, please send an e-mail to We will gladly contact you as soon as possible.

Maybe you are interested in our central workspace management. This might solve many of your PC problems.

Framework Contracts

There are framework contracts for IT hardware at UDE, with which you can buy cheap PCs and monitors. Faculties and institutions of UDE are expected to order hardware (PCs, servers, tablets, workstations, notebooks) via one of the framework contracts (see: “UDE’s guideline for usage of framework contracts”). You should only order hardware outside of the framework contracts in exceptional cases.

“The goal should be, that for everyday use the university aims to own a fixed and limited portfolio of IT devices, which is maintained by the technical departments.” (see “Revision report of framework contracts regarding IT hardware”). You can find information on how to obtain hardware and the offered configurations on the page IT hardware of the subject area Purchasing/Inner Services (intranet only).

The ZIM offers help with the selection and procurement of the devices and supports you with the installation, setup and configuration of the location and user specific settings.