Configuration Tutorials for Exchange-Accounts

For mailboxes on the Exchange Server Exchange please use the following settings:

  • Webmail-Interface:
  • Server for MAPI:
  • Server for IMAPs:
  • Name (for authentication): <user-ID/Unikennung>
    (the domain is necessary!!)

If you are using Outlook (newer than version 2007) or Apple-Mail on iPhone or iPad, you can use the new Autodiscover-Feature, for which you essentially only have to enter your e-maila ddress. The clients will inform you about this. However, you need to use the option „other Account“.

You can find a tutorial for configuring Exchange accounts with Autodiscover under 'Outlook 2016 Autodiscover'


Use From an External Location

You can find general information on using the ZIM-Exchange server via the internet (e.g. from home) from a secured network area or a network with blocked Microsoft ports under Groupware.

Restore Deleted Elements

You can find general information on restoring deleted elements hier.