The Faculty of Engineering appreciates the principles of equality and would like to give an overview of counselling possibilities and contact persons of our faculty and the University Duisburg-Essen as well as information about current events in this area.

Plans for the advancement of women and gender equality concepts

Contact persons at the Faculty of Engineering

Ellen Enkel

Room: BC 217
Tel.: +49 203 37-93625

Dr. rer. nat.
Miriana Vadalà

Raum: V15 R02 H03
Tel.: +49 201 18-32749

Birgit Köppen-Seliger

Room: BB 513
Tel.: +49 203 37-92929

Gueler Dipl.-Kffr.
Özlem Güler-Usak

Room: BB 315c
Tel.: +49 203 37-94786

Further contact points for employees

Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office is responsible for all personnel and social issues that affect the interests of women at the university, in particular in staffing and appointment procedures as well as in measures for personnel development and for improving the compatibility of work and studies with family responsibilities.

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Family Service

The family service office is a counselling and service center for university staff. With the Family Service, the university would like to help its employees to reconcile their academic career / work and family life and to create a family-friendly working environment.

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Social contact persons

The social contact persons are available to you confidentially for any problems and conflicts, including in difficult phases of life and, if necessary, for grief counselling.

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Staff Councils

The staff councils stand up for the rights and needs of the employees and provide support in all internal and political questions concerning higher education.



Reconcilability of work, studies and family responsibilities

Reference to the new Maternity Protection Act

Since 01.01.2018, female students will in future be granted full maternity leave, but will be free to decide whether to take it. This has implications for examination procedures. Advice on this is offered by:

Elke Währisch-Große
Tel. 0201/18-34331

Workshop offer

The Career Service (ABZ) regularly offers a workshop for students with family responsibilities: Study regulations for students with family responsibilities (children/care responsibilities)

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Assumption of childcare costs for further training

According to the service agreement, childcare costs for training courses can be covered, provided that no other person living in the same household as the applicant is able to take care of them.

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Preferential registration for courses

Faculties are encouraged to offer student parents the possibility of preferential enrolment for courses that are compatible with the opening hours of childcare and education facilities.

Further useful information

can also be found on the FAQ page of the family-friendly university, where information for employees and students (regulations, offers and contact persons) is collected.

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Day care centers DU-E-KIDS

The University of Duisburg-Essen would like to contribute with the day care centers DU-E-KIDS to help parents find suitable care services in the age group 0 - 3 years when they return to work.

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School holiday care

The University of Duisburg-Essen offers school-age children and adolescents up to and including the age of 14 years a varied range of holidays during the Easter, summer and autumn holidays.

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Short term care

The University of Duisburg-Essen would like to offer its employees and students a needs-based support option with its short-term care services in order to compensate for short-term and/or hourly care shortages.

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"Fire brigade fund" for child care

In order to improve the framework conditions for reconciling a scientific career and family, young scientists with children are to be supported by setting up a so-called "fire brigade fund".

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Handling career and care responsibilities

The need for care can affect anyone. Either suddenly or as a gradual process. Overstraining is often the result, because the burden as a relative is enormous. The family service office offers you information and advice on the subject.

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