Support and Information Offers

Starting to study

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Pre Courses

The pre-course offer helps to close possible gaps in knowledge and to refresh and deepen previous school knowledge.

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First Semester

We have compiled a selection of important information for freshmen to help them get off to a successful start in their studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find an overview of the most important questions that may come up during your studies.

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Support Center SCIES

The "Support Center for (International) Engineering Students" (SCIES) acts as a help desk for all questions regarding studies within the faculty.

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Study Course Advisors

The advisors of the study programs provide answers to subject-specific questions, especially questions about the curriculum, the study contents or the study requirements.

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The Internship Office is both the point of contact for recognition of the mandatory industry internship and for advice on procedures for obtaining a certified internship.

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Work and Study Spaces

In the learning rooms, which are supervised by a subject coordinator and several tutors, space is provided for collaborative learning and inquiries. Students receive homework help and can discuss special questions outside the lectures.

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The mentoring program of the Faculty of Engineering supports students in the introductory phase of their studies and during the course of their studies.

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We will assist you with individual problems that may arise during your course of study and offer personal counseling.

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Online Help

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Learning Strategies

As part of a self-study course, we will show you different facets of learning strategies on how to learn effectively.

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Scientific work

Before you start working scientifically, you should learn and understand the basics of how to work scientifically.

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Emergency kits in exam situations

If you are afraid of not being able to pass just before an exam, here are some tips and advice on how to stay confident in such a situation and make the most of it.

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Self-Study Course

As part of a self-study course in Moodle, you will find all kinds of tips and tricks for your studies, but also for life away from the university - so that you can complete your studies healthily and successfully.

Enrollment key: SCIES22

Enrollment key: SCIES22

Career Chances


There are many ways for students to receive support and funding in various forms. Scholarships are not only available for highly gifted students. The selection criteria are very diverse.

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Studying Abroad

A study visit abroad opens up the possibility of gaining international study experience, deepening language skills, expanding one's own intercultural competence, and gaining insights into the international research landscape.

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Career Fair

Career Perspectives is a multi-day format of workshops, information and networking events on topics related to starting a career in engineering.

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