Graduation Ceremony

The crowning completion of studies is the graduation ceremony which takes place twice a year. By now it has been a tradition for 10 years. At the end of the winter and the summer semester there is a ceremony where the graduates receive their certificates from the dean. Beyond that prices and awards for the best graduation of the year in every course of studies are awarded to the graduates. Besides the founded prizes given by enterprises every excellent graduate gains a high-quality cup made of glass, which was especially made for this ceremony, with the Alumni emblem and the current year on it. How much this graduation ceremony is anchored and admitted in this university and this region can be seen by the fact that representatives from politics, industries and the leadership of the university regularly show up at the ceremony.

To underline the ceremonial character of the ceremony the graduates wear robes, which was their own wish, at the presentation of the certificates since summer 2012. Even though there is no duty to wear a robe, most of the graduates do, because it underlines the ceremony and makes the own graduation a special moment in their life. Captured in photos this is a lifetime reminder of the successful graduation at our faculty and the stage in one’s life in Duisburg.

After the graduation ceremony in July the Alumni anniversary celebration takes place on the open-air ground of the faculty and every graduate and his members, as well as the current students, alumni, staff members and professors of the faculty and guests are invited. As a closure for the graduation ceremony in February there is a reception in the ambiance of the faculty. The reception and the anniversary celebration are both great events to compare notes with the fellow students, members and guests and to end the day with a cozily drink.

On the occasion of the Alumni anniversary celebration we will release a yearbook with names and photos of every graduate which is kindly supported by the development association of engineering (Förderverein Ingenieurwissenschaften). At the request of the graduates additional descriptions like course of study, topic of the thesis and the like will be inscribed. Thereby this yearbook helps to stay in contact with alumni of the faculty and the fellow students and is simultaneous a great reminiscence of the sudatory but also successful time at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

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