Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony, which takes place twice a year, is certainly the crowning glory of the course. At the end of the winter and summer semester, the dean personally presents the graduates with their graduation certificates at a festive event. In addition, awards and prizes for the best graduates of the year in each degree program are presented in the summer, and in the winter the teaching prizes for extraordinary commitment of the teaching staff. In addition to awards donated by companies, each award-winning graduate receives a high-quality glass cup specially made for the graduation ceremony. The extent to which the graduation ceremony is anchored and recognized in the university and the region can be seen from the fact that representatives from politics, industry and the university management are regularly present at the celebrations.

Alumni Network

In order to emphasize the festive character of this event, the presentation of the certificates has been taking place in robe since summer 2012 at the request of the student body. Even though there is no obligation to wear a robe, the majority of graduates wear a robe, as this helps to underline the festivity and the special moment of their own graduation. Captured in photos, this is a lifelong reminder of the successful graduation at our faculty.

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On the occasion of the alumni anniversary celebration, a yearbook with the names and pictures of all graduates will be published with the support of the Association for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences. At the request of the graduates, additional information such as the course of study, subject of the thesis, etc. will be included. Thus, this yearbook helps to keep the alumni in contact with their faculty and fellow students and is at the same time a valuable reminder of a sweaty but nevertheless successful time at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

After the graduation ceremony in July, the Alumni Summer Party will take place on the faculty's open-air grounds for all graduates and their relatives, but also for currently enrolled students, alumni, faculty staff and invited guests.

The graduation ceremony in January ends with the festive Engineers' Ball Rhine-Ruhr ( in the evening. The ball brings together students, teachers and practitioners from the companies in a relaxed atmosphere.