Graduation Ceremony with Robe

At the request of students the graduation ceremony in an academic gown takes place since 2012. Even though the faculty, different from other universities, does not force anybody to lend (or purchase) this outfit, but most graduates join in and create their own ceremonial graduation.

The outfit and the general view inside the faculty should be as possible consistent: a black academic gown, a black mortarboard with a bordeaux red tassel plus a bordeaux red sash.

For the academic gown there are different qualities of material, only high quality ones are suitable for multiple use and therefore an environmentally friendly use. It is also important to pay attention to the safety, because the mortarboards have to be soft enough not to hurt anybody when thrown, but otherwise they have to be non-sensitive and recover their smooth shape again – therefore we need a high-tech mortarboard.

The faculty found a provider (, who offers lending a whole set consisting of academic gown, hat, tassel and sash. By request it is also possible to buy this set.

Please do not wear other academic gowns and mortarboards with other colours when attending the ceremony (stage, photos, videos), so we can keep the unity of the graduates, the faculty and the university.


The mortarboard is worn permanently during the whole ceremony. It should not be pulled too far down over the forehead like other hats, but a little bit higher on the forehead.


Before the concession of the certificate the tassel is on the right side of the mortarboard. With the presentation of the certificate the dean deposits the tassel to the left side (above the heart). Mind that you and also your respective neighbour are wearing the tassel on the left side when taking the official final photograph.


The sash is fixed with a button at the back of the academic gown, so that it can not glide down and be worn right and left over the shoulder.

Under the Academic Gown

The Question about what to wear under the academic gown is quite easy to answer:

A knee-length dark skirt or dress respectively a dark pair of trousers, plus a white (light) blouse respectively a white (light) shirt and black (dark) and comfortable shoes.