Graduation Ceremony with Robe

At the request of the students, the graduation ceremonies have been held in academic gown since 2012. Even though the faculty, unlike at other universities, does not wish to force the students to borrow (or purchase) such equipment, most graduates take part in the celebrations and thus help shape their successful graduation in a festive setting.


The furnishings and the overall appearance within the faculty should be as uniform as possible: a black robe, a black hat with burgundy tassel and a burgundy sash.

For the sake of the uniformity of all graduates as well as the faculty and university opposite, please do not appear on stage, in photos and videos in other gowns and hats or in other colours.

Hat (Mortarboard)

The mortarboard is worn throughout the entire celebration. It should not be pulled deep into the forehead like the normal hat, but rather sit a little higher on the forehead.

Also attention should be paid to safety, because when throwing mortarboards they have to be soft enough so that nobody gets hurt on the one hand, but on the other hand they have to be insensitive and have to be brought into a kink-free smooth shape again and again - here high-tech in the mortarboard is required.


Before the certificate is awarded, the tassel is worn on the right side. With the presentation of the certificate the dean puts the tassel on the left side (the side above the heart). Please make sure that you and your respective neighbors wear the tassel on the left side in the official graduation photos.


The sash is attached to the back of the gown with a button so that it cannot slip down, and is worn over the shoulder on both sides.

Hire of Academic Clothing

There are different fabric qualities for gowns, only high quality ones are suitable for multiple and therefore environmentally friendly use.

The faculty has found a supplier who offers all graduates the possibility to borrow a complete set consisting of gown, hat, tassel and sash. The set can also be purchased on request.

Robe Academicus