Faculty Council

The faculty council is responsible for making decisions on the affairs of the faculty. It is responsible in this respect for all matters concerning research and teaching and for passing resolutions on the faculty regulations. In addition, the faculty council advises on the use of faculty resources and on fundamental questions of research and teaching.

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The dean's office coordinates and manages all central processes of the faculty. It consists of the dean, the dean of study affairs, three vice-deans and the management. They are supported by lecturers and the assistant to the dean.

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Commission for International Affairs

The commission for international affairs advises the dean's office in international matters of the faculty. These tasks include, in particular, the preparation of strategic considerations regarding international orientation, support of ongoing activities with an international focus in teaching (incoming and outgoing), research cooperation and external representation, as well as coordination with the overarching activities of the university.

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Degree Course Coordinators

Lecturers of the faculty are elected as course representatives. Their main task is the maintenance and further development of a study program. They are also available to students for any questions related to the curriculum, the course content and the prerequisites of the individual degree programs.

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Examination Board

The examination board of a study program monitors compliance with the respective examination regulations. This also includes the recognition of academic achievements, extension of deadlines for papers, decisions on objections and the examination of certificates, etc. It also monitors the development of examinations and study times and makes suggestions for reforms of study and examination regulations.

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Doctoral Degree Committee

The doctoral committees decide under which conditions graduates are admitted to doctoral studies and which professors will supervise and examine them.

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Student Councils

The student council represents the interests of the students in a student body. It informs students in particular about subject-specific matters and cooperates with the student representatives on the faculty council and other bodies at the faculty and university level.

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Academic Advisory Board

The faculty council and the dean are advised by the academic advisory board in matters of teaching and studies, especially in matters of study reform, evaluation of studies and teaching, as well as with regard to the enactment or amendment of examination regulations.

Equal Opportunity Commissioners

The equal opportunities committee deals with all personnel and social issues that affect the interests of women at the university, in particular with staffing and appointment procedures as well as with measures for personnel development and for improving the compatibility of work and studies with family responsibilities.

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Alumni Network

The alumni network was founded with the aim of binding former students and staff to the faculty in the long term. The network publishes a newsletter every quarter and organizes the annual graduation ceremony.

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Public Relations Committee

The public relations committee has the task of making the faculty better known to the general public. In particular, the aim is to attract more students to study engineering sciences and to intensify contacts with companies in Duisburg and in Essen as well as in the surrounding area.

Quality Improvement Commission

Under the chairmanship of the dean of study affairs, the quality improvement commission, together with the faculty's student representatives, decides on the initiation and financing of various measures to improve studies and teaching and advises on the proper use of tuition fees.