The faculty council consists of university teachers, students, scientific employees as well as non academic employees. The most important task of the faculty council is to elect the dean and if necessary other members of the deanship (deputy deans, dean of study affairs, etc). In addition, the faculty council advises on the use of resources of the faculty (finances and materials, staff, rooms, etc) and on basic questions of the research and teachings of the faculty.

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The examination board of a degree course controls the compliance with the respective examination regulation. This includes as well the recognition of study achievements, thesis extensions, decision on contradictions as well as the verification of certificates and similar. Moreover, the examination board observes the development of examinations and duration of studies and makes suggestions for reforms of study and examination regulations.

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The commission for international affairs advises the deanship in international matters concerning the faculty. These tasks include in particular creating strategic considerations for the international adjustment, supporting the running activities with international scope in teaching (incoming and outgoing), research cooperation and outside representation as well as the coordination with the overall activities of the university.

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Study Contribution Fund Commission

Under the chairmanship of the dean of study affairs the commission decides together with the student representatives of the faculty on the initiation and financing of different measures to improve learning and teaching and advises on the appropriate use of study contribution funds.

Public Relation Committee

The task of the public relation committee is to make the faculty of engineering more known to the broad public. The most particular aim is to encourage more students to study at the University of Duisburg-Essen and to intensify contacts with companies in Duisburg and surroundings. This includes the organization of events like the annual Engineer's Night, the Innovation Market and the Pupil's Day. Furthermore, the public relation committee participates in information job fairs and advises prospective students on degree course offers and career prospects, both in schools on site as well as within the scope of guided tours and presentations at the university campus.

The Alumni network was founded with the aim to bind former students and employees in the long term to the faculty of engineering. The network publishes quarterly a newsletter and organizes the annual graduation ceremony where the graduates receive their final diploma along with a yearbook of the faculty.

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