Industrial Internship

The Office for Industrial Internship gives advice on how to obtain certified internships that fulfill the requirements set by the regulations of the respective degree programs. It is also the place for submitting the reports about the industrial internship. Make sure that you exactly fulfill the requirements for the certificate of the industrial internship, otherwise recognition will be difficult.

The Internship Office is also responsible for issuing the certificate of the internship. This certificate can be issued on request of the internship company.

It is expected and part of the learning experience that the students make their own contacts to industry to initiate internships. Web-based search engines are a useful help.

Acknowledgement of the Industrial Internship

For the Bachelor courses Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, NanoEngineering and for the ISE-program the following approach has to be considered:

The application for acknowledgement of the industrial internship for your study course has to be printed out and attached to the required documents. These have to be handed in personally at the industrial internship office (Praktikantenamt) in room BA 040. Please mind the deadline (see industrial internship regulation)!

External Bachelor graduates, who are enrolled in the Master "Maschinenbau" or "Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen" and still have to provide evidence of the required internship (see „Auflagenkatalog“), have to consider following:

The hand over of the required documents for the acknowledgement of the industrial internship has to take place within 6 months after the accession of the studies in the industrial internship office (Praktikantenamt) in room BA 040.

Enrolled students always have to send their questions and comments via their current „“ - e-mail address under specification of their Matrikelnummer. Or else the handling of e-mails can’t be warranted!

Students of the study course Civil Engineering have to hand in their certificates (original + 1 copy) at the examination office at Campus Essen.

Industrial Internship Regulation (Praktikumsordnung)

For the latest version of the industrial internship regulation (Praktikumsordnung) please check the official university homepage.

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