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Bachelor Structural Engineering

The bachelor degree course „Civil Engineering” is renamed to „Structural Engineering“.

Mechanics I3 Lab for PO08 students

Due to changes in the examination regulations the Mechanics 3 Lab will be offered for the last time in winter semester 2015/2016! To give everyone an opportunity to pass the lab will be offered twice. The regular labs will take place during the semester as usual. The final lab session will take place in one week after the examinations in the break between winter and summer semester!

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Additional Language Courses

The IOS offers additional German courses in December 2015 and February 2016. 

Course information

Registration period starts on 16th November 2015 via the Lsf.

The IOS offers two additional English courses:

Course information

Privious placement test is obligatory!


M.Sc. Communications Engineering / M.Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering

Substitute Course for „Analoge Funksysteme“

In this semester the course „Analoge Funksysteme“ will not be offered. The official substitute course is “Radio Propagation Channels”.

8 – 11 a.m.
BB 130

The registration for the exam of "Radio Propagation Channels" is done via the title "Analoge Funksysteme”.

Dear Graduates,

we would like to invite you to join the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering. Join the association and stay in contact with your ex-classmates and keep updated with information from your university. You will be informed about Alumni meetings and receive the Alumni newsletters. Please do not hesitate and fill in our online application form.