Practical work in industrial companies promotes the training objectives of the Bachelor's degree both as a support for the courses and as an important prerequisite for successful studies with a view to later professional activity. During the course of studies, the industrial internship to be completed is intended to supplement the course of studies and deepen acquired theoretical knowledge through its practical relevance.

The Internship Office is both the contact point for the recognition of the industrial mandatory internship and for advice on the procedures for obtaining a certified internship, as prescribed by the internship regulations of the respective degree program. Please make sure that you meet the requirements exactly, otherwise recognition cannot be granted. The Internship Office is also responsible for issuing the certificate of the compulsory internship. This certificate can be issued at the request of the internship company.

An industrial internship in a company is compulsory for all ISE-Bachelor-Students. Please read the official document Industrial Practical Regulation (Praktikumsrichtlinie) for details to the rules and regulations of your internship. The students have to show, until they start their final thesis that they have participated in an industrial internship.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange internships. Students are expected to establish their own contacts in the industry.

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