For the recognition of credits or placement in a higher semester, an application for recognition must be submitted to the Examination Office. All relevant information and required forms can be found on the information page of the Examination Office.

Please complete the respective form provided for your degree course and submit it together with the other required documents to the Examination Office. Your application can only be reviewed once all required documents have been received. After a preliminary review by the Examination Office, your application will be forwarded to the Examination Board for a final decision. Please choose precisely one subject from your previous university and apply for recognition of one subject at UDE that you consider compatible.

Please note the following deadline: Students who have already started and/or completed a degree program abroad can submit the application for recognition only once within the first year of study. Please also note that subsequent recognition of a course is forfeited if the respective subject has already been taken here (NE, NB). Furthermore, it is not permitted to apply for recognition of a subject that has already been recognized for another subject.