Tailored Materials

Materials research covers a broad spectrum of functional and structural materials. It includes the investigation and further development of processes for their production, forming, and modification, the analysis of the corresponding tailor-made properties on a macroscopic and microscopic level as well as the integration of materials into components and systems.

The range of materials varies from metallic materials to high-performance concrete as well as oxidic materials such as ceramics, polymers, and composites made of these materials. A high degree of structural control is achieved by bottom-up structuring with nanoscale or atomistic precision. Processing procedures based on thermodynamic and kinetic properties enable deterministic self-structuring. The research approaches in Tailored Materials range from basic research to application orientation, and thus offer complementary approaches to current problems in research and development. Within this arc of tension, different aspects of materials research with high national and international visibility have already been established in the faculty before.

It is the declared goal of the faculty's research profile to combine these thematic areas, to bring together the previous strengths and thus to create the basis for a holistic understanding of materials science from nanostructure and the importance of interfaces to production technology and system application.

The research profile on Tailored Materials is closely associated with the research profile on "Nanosciences" at the University of Duisburg-Essen and makes significant contributions to the overarching research profile on "Materials Chain" of the University Alliance Ruhr. However, questions of sustainability, recycling, and economic efficiency also play an important role in this research profile. Through research into energy applications of new materials, there is a close thematic link to the faculty focus "Energy and Resource Engineering".



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