Shanghai, 12-14 November 20203rd International Symposium on Infectiology and Application

The SGVIVI members Prof. Ulf Dittmer and Prof. Mirko Trilling as well as Prof. Oliver Witzke, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, University Hospital Essen, are scheduled for talks at the 3rd International Symposium on Infectiology and Application. The high ranking symposium is organized by SGVIVI members from Fudan University, Prof. Zhenghong Yuan and Prof. Youhua Xie, and other leading experts in the field. The opending address will be given by Nobel laureate Charles M. Rice.
meeting programme.

Essen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Frankfurt and Erlangen, 3-4 November 20201st Sino-German Mobility Programme Online Workshop

Due to the Corona pandemic the Sino-German Mobility Programme could not start in 2020 as previously planned. However, all 15 Mobility Programme members met online via ZOOM for their 1st joint meeting in November (programme) and gave an overview on their research since the approval of the programme. As the programme mainly supports travelling and the exchange of researchers within their network the programme is put on hold until travelling will be possible again. The young researchers and SGVIVI PIs hope to be able to realize at least part of the mutual scientific stays in China and in Germany in 2021.  

Wuhan, April 2020SGVIVI Workshop 2020 in Wuhan cancelled

The SGVIVI Annual Workshop which was scheduled for April 25-26 in Wuhan,  had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in Wuhan and the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Meanwhile, our members are in close contact via video conferences and apart from their special fields of expertise also work on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research. Please also see: projects at the Wuhan-Essen Joint Laboratory and publications.

Düsseldorf, 20-23 March 2019SGVIVI Workshop at the GfV Annual Conference

In the frame of the GfV Annual Conference 2019 in Düsseldorf the SGVIVI members presented their latest research in a special SGVIVI session. For more information please check the GfV conference website:

As in previous years the Institute for Virology in Essen assisted the GfV conference organizers with hosting a delegation of collegues from the Chinese Society of Microbiology/Virology Division (see above picture). This year, together with our Chinese SGVIVI members, almost 30 Chinese colleagues attended the conference. The delegation was headed by Prof. Deyin Guo, Sun Yat-Sen University Medical School, Shenzhen Campus, who held a welcome address at the GfV conference.

Essen, 19 March 20192nd SGVIVI General Assembly Meeting

The 2nd SGVIVI General Assembly meeting took place at the Institute for Virology, University Hospital Essen on Tuesday, 19 March, 2019, prior to the GfV Annual Conference in Düsseldorf (above picture). Click here for the programme
Here, we have the pleasure to announce that Prof. Deyin Guo, Dean of Sun Yat-Sen University Medical School,  Shenzhen Campus, and head of the Chinese Society for Microbiology/Virology Division became member of the SGVIVI.

Wuhan, 9 June 2018International Symposium on Infection and Immunity

An international symposium on infection, immunity and liver diseases was held at in Wuhan on 9 June, 2018, organized by TRR60 speaker and SGVIVI founding member Prof. Dr. Dongliang Yang. The following SGVIVI members from Essen, Wuhan and Shanghai participated as guest speakers: Ulf Dittmer, Mirko Trilling, Matthias Gunzer, Ruth Bröring, Jia Liu, Jieliang Chen and Sandra Westhaus (group Sandra Ciesek, Essen).

Wuhan Union Hospital, 7 June 20182nd Joint Symposium Essen - Wuhan

Medical Faculty, University Hospital, University of Duisburg-Essen and Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, HUST, Wuhan

Topics: infectious diseases, immunology, proton therapy, neurosurgery

In June 2018 a delegation from University Hospital Essen travelled to Wuhan to hold the 2nd Wuhan-Essen Joint Medical Symposium, jointly organized by the medical faculties in Essen and Tongji Medical College. The 1st Joint Symposium was held in Essen in 2016. This time, apart from the SGVIVI researchers from Virology, Gastroeneterology and the Imaging Center (all PIs of the former TRR60), Karsten Wrede from Neurosurgery and Dirk Geismar from the Proton Therapy Center (WPE) also joined the delegation.

Essen, 9 November 20171st SGVIVI General Assembly Meeting

The SGVIVI General Assembly convened in Essen on 9 November 2017 for its 1st meeting. The SGVIVI Scientific Committee has been elected and the scientific and administrative secretaries have been named.