Ultrafast Surface Dynamics 10 Scope


The Ultrafast Surface Dynamics (USD) is an international symposium, which took place for the first time in 1997 and has since then been held every two years in various locations in Europe, the USA and Japan. The conference focuses on questions about fundamental electronic, atomic and spin-dependent processes at interfaces, which evolve on time scales from a few picoseconds to attoseconds. The program of USD 10 will cover, e.g., experiments on dynamics of electron transfer processes on the atomic scale, the generation and detection of transient photocurrents at topological surface states, and attosecond relaxation processes during the photoemission of electrons. A further focus will be the current development in theoretical physics regarding questions of excited states and their dynamics. New impulses are to be expected from the work on spin liquids and new developments in the field of time-resolved density function theory. The main objectives of the event are the exchange of such current scientific results, the initiation and deepening of bilateral and multilateral cooperation among the research groups, as well as the discussion and development of general visions on future research in or around the particular research area.

Covered topics are

Electron Dynamics and electronic energy transfer at surfaces and interfaces

Surface and Interface Magnetisation Dynamics

Ultrafast Plasmonics and Nanooptics

Dynamics in Low-dimensional materials

Novel Phenomena / Materials

Attosecond Surface Science


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