Journal articles

  • Day, Matthew; Tetik, Bilal; Parlak, Milena; Almeida-Hernández, Yasser; Räschle, Markus; Kaschani, Farnusch; Siegert, Heike; Marko, Anika; Sanchez-Garcia, Elsa; Kaiser, Markus; Barker, Isabel A.; Pearl, Laurence H.; Oliver, Antony W.; Boos, Dominik
    TopBP1 utilises a bipartite GINS binding mode to support genome replication
    In: Nature Communications Vol. 15 (2024) Nr. 1, 1797
  • Caballero, Madison; Boos, Dominik; Koren, Amnon
    Cell-type specificity of the human mutation landscape with respect to DNA replication dynamics
    In: Cell Genomics Vol. 3 (2023) Nr. 6, 100315
  • Ferreira, Pedro; Sanchez-Pulido, Luis; Marko, Anika; Ponting, Chris P.; Boos, Dominik
    Refining the domain architecture model of the replication origin firing factor Treslin/TICRR
    In: Life Science Alliance Vol. 5 (2022) Nr. 5, e202101088
  • Zaffar, Eman; Ferreira, Pedro; Sanchez-Pulido, Luis; Boos, Dominik
    The Role of MTBP as a Replication Origin Firing Factor
    In: Biology Vol. 11 (2022) Nr. 6, 827
  • Zonderland, Gijs; Vanzo, Riccardo; Amitash, Sampath; Martín-Doncel, Elena; Coscia, Fabian; Mund, Andreas; Lerdrup, Mads; Benada, Jan; Boos, Dominik; Toledo, Luis
    The TRESLIN-MTBP complex couples completion of DNA replication with S/G2 transition
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 82 (2022) Nr. 18, pp. 3350 - 3365.e7
  • Ferreira, Pedro; Höfer, Verena; Kronshage, Nora; Marko, Anika; Reusswig, Karl-Uwe; Tetik, Bilal; Dießel, Christoph; Köhler, Kerstin; Tschernoster, Nikolai; Altmüller, Janine; Schulze, Nina; Pfander, Boris; Boos, Dominik
    MTBP phosphorylation controls DNA replication origin firing
    In: Scientific Reports Vol. 11 (2021) Nr. 1, 4242
  • Boos, Dominik; Ferreira, Pedro
    Origin firing regulations to control genome replication timing
    In: Genes Vol. 10 (2019) Nr. 3, pp. 199
  • Köhler, Kerstin; Sanchez-Pulido, Luis; Höfer, Verena; Marko, Anika; Ponting, Chris P.; Snijders, Ambrosius P.; Feederle, Regina; Schepers, Aloys; Boos, Dominik
    The Cdk8/19-cyclin C transcription regulator functions in genome replication through metazoan Sld7
    In: PLoS Biology Vol. 17 (2019) Nr. 1, e2006767
  • Day, Matthew; Rappas, Mathieu; Ptasinska, Katie; Boos, Dominik; Oliver, Antony W.; Pearl, Laurence H.
    BRCT domains of the DNA damage checkpoint proteins TOPBP1/Rad4 display distinct specificities for phosphopeptide ligands
    In: eLife Vol. 7 (2018) pp. e39979
  • Bantele, Susanne; Pfander, Dominik; Boos, Dominik; Ferreira, Pedro; Gritenaite, Dalia
    Targeting of the Fun30 nucleosome remodeller by the Dpb11 scaffold facilitates cell cycle-regulated DNA end resection
    In: eLife (2017) Nr. 6, pp. e21687
  • Boos, Dominik; Diffley, John F. X.; Yekezare, Mona
    Identification of a Heteromeric Complex That Promotes DNA Replication Origin Firing in Human Cells
    In: Science Vol. 340 (2013) Nr. 6135, pp. 981 - 984
  • Boos, Dominik; Diffley, John FX; Frigola, Jordi
    Activation of the replicative DNA helicase : breaking up is hard to do
    In: Current Opinion in Cell Biology Vol. 24 (2012) Nr. 3, pp. 423 - 430
  • Schöckel, Laura; Stemmann, Olaf; Boos, Dominik; Mayer, Bernd; Möckel, Martin
    Cleavage of cohesin rings coordinates the separation of centrioles and chromatids
    In: Nature Cell Biology Vol. 13 (2011) Nr. 8, pp. 966 - 972
  • Boos, Dominik; Ponting, Chris P.; Oliver, Antony W.; Pearl, Laurence H.; Rappas, Mathieu; Sanchez-Pulido, Luis
    Regulation of DNA Replication through Sld3-Dpb11 Interaction Is Conserved from Yeast to Humans
    In: Current Biology Vol. 21 (2011) Nr. 13, pp. 1152 - 1157
  • Boos, Dominik; Stemmann, Olaf; Kuffer, Christian; Lenobel, Rene
    Phosphorylation-dependent Binding of Cyclin B1 to a Cdc6-like Domain of Human Separase
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Vol. 283 (2008) Nr. 2, pp. 816 - 823
  • Stemmann, Olaf; Boos, Dominik; Gorr, Ingo H.
    Anaphase Topsy-Turvy : Cdk1 a Securin, Separase a CKI
    In: Cell Cycle Vol. 5 (2006) Nr. 1, pp. 11 - 13
  • Gorr, Ingo H.; Stemmann, Olaf; Wühr, Martin; Boos, Dominik; Reis, Alexandra
    Essential CDK1-inhibitory role for separase during meiosis I in vertebrate oocytes
    In: Nature Cell Biology Vol. 8 (2006) Nr. 9, pp. 1035 - 1037
  • Gorr, Ingo H.; Boos, Dominik; Stemmann, Olaf
    Mutual inhibition of separase and Cdk1 by two-step complex formation
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 19 (2005) Nr. 1, pp. 135 - 141
  • Stemmann, Olaf; Boos, Dominik; Gorr, Ingo H.
    Rephrasing anaphase : separase FEARs shugoshin
    In: Chromosoma Vol. 113 (2005) Nr. 8, pp. 409 - 417
  • Book articles / Proceedings papers

  • Köhler, Kerstin; Pfander, Boris; Ferreira, Pedro; Boos, Dominik
    Regulation of the Initiation of DNA Replication upon DNA Damage in Eukaryotes
    In: The Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes / Kaplan, Daniel L. (Eds.) 2016, pp. 443 - 460
  • Reußwig, Karl-Uwe; Pfander, Boris; Boos, Dominik
    Roles of Sld2, Sld3, and Dpb11 in Replication Initiation
    In: The Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes / Kaplan, Daniel L. (Eds.) 2016, pp. 297 - 318