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Webpublications of Schart, Aaron (1957-)



  • "Der lange Weg zum Glück" - Eine Powerpoint-Präsentation zum Vortrag am 9.9.2009 in der Friedenskirchen-Gemeinde Bonn
  • Heinrich Adolph Grimm (1747-1813)
    featuring Prof. Dr.theol. Heinrich Adolph Grimm (1747-1813), the last Professor for Theology of the Old University of Duisburg
  • Wagnis und Vertrauen
    containing some articles on the occasion of Horst-Martin Barnikol's 75th birthday. The articles have been included in a printed Festschrift on the occasion of Horst-Martin Barnikol’s 80th birthday with the same title. This book is advertised on the website of the publisher LIT Verlag.


  • Sommer, Renate
    featuring Dr. theol. Renate Sommer (1915-2002)
  • Co-editor of WiBiLex - Das wissenschaftliche Bibellexikon im Internet
    a dictionary covering all aspects of the Bible in separate articles


  • Translating the Septuagint Version of Amos into German
    covers all questions specifically related to the Septuagint version of Amos and to its translation into GermanKrieg und Frieden im Alten Testamenta lecture for the "Interkulturelle Woche in Oberhausen 2002", originally held 2002-10-08 (no longer updated!)