The objective of the event is to provide a forum for informal discussions among experts in the field and to disseminate latest results. Younger workers and Ph.D. students are especially encouraged to participate.

The "Numerical Towing Tank Symposium" (NuTTS) has been held so far

• in 1998 in Hamburg/Germany
• in 1999 in Rome/Italy
• in 2000 in Tjärnö/Sweden
• in 2001 in Hamburg/Germany
• in 2002 in Pornichet/France
• in 2003 in Rome/Italy
• in 2004 in Hamburg/Germany
• in 2005 in Varna/Bulgaria
• in 2006 in Nantes/France
• in 2007 in Hamburg/Germany
• in 2008 in Brest/France
• in 2009 in Cortona/Italy
• in 2010 in Duisburg/Germany
• in 2011 in Southampton/England
• in 2012 in Cortona/Italy
• in 2013 in Mülheim/Germany
• in 2014 in Marstrand/Sweden
• in 2015 in Cortona/Italy
• in 2016 in St Pierre d'Oléron/France

• in 2017 in Wageningen / Netherlands
• in 2018 in Cortona/Italy

The basic concept of keeping all participants in one conference venue combining conference facilities and accommodation allows maximum interaction between participants. NuTTS has maintained an informal workshop character.

NuTTS attends to the following topics for marine structures (ships, propellers, offshore platforms, etc.)

- Nonlinear flows around marine structures (LES, RANSE, Euler with or w/o free surface)
- Free-surface flows around marine structures (3-D ship seakeeping, free-surface viscous flows)
- Fluid-Structure-Interaction
- Related topics (validation experiments, numerical techniques, grid generation, etc)


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