UDE ALUS Symposium 2019 Invited Special Guests

ALUS Vice President & University of Tampere/Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, Finland Lieven Ameel: “Simultaneity as Urban Multi-scalar Complexity: From the Modernist Poem to the Climate Novel”

Lieven Ameel received his PhD from the University of Helsinki, Finland and JLU Giessen, Germany in the fields of Finnish literature and comparative literature with a dissertation entitled Moved by the City. He is senior lecturer in comparative literature at the University of Tampere, Finland. His research focuses on various aspects of literary and urban studies. Until summer 2020 he is on research leave and working as collegium researcher at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies on a project entitled “Imagining City Futures across Genres – Antwerp, Helsinki, New York 1990-2020.” Currently, from January to June 2019, he is visiting professor at the Department of Literature, KU Leuven, Belgium. Lieven is co-founder and vice president of ALUS, the Association for Literary Urban Studies (formerly HLCN).