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Study Courses

The University of Duisburg-Essen offers a broad academic spectrum with an international orientation - ranging from humanities and social sciences to economics, engineering and natural sciences (including medicine).

Offers for refugees

First Contact International Office

The International Office is the central service facility of the University of Duisburg-Essen for international contacts and provides advice at the Duisburg and Essen campuses.

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Offers for the Choice of Studies

Events, workshops and projects for study orientation and study decision-making as well as for the transition from school to university.

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Interested in Natural Sciences?

Interested in STEM or natural sciences? Be sure to take the self-assessment test and then take advantage of the preliminary courses between high school and university!

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Study Choice & Labor Market

The information system Study Choice & Labor Market provides manageable information on the study choice of the most demanded subjects and offers further information with regard to their labor market perspectives.

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Living in Duisburg & Essen

The Ruhr region is not New York City. But almost. And despite all the prejudices, it's not gray here, but green - and rich in culture.

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Information for Parents

Info on parent consultation hours, studying and the UDE, in general, "general consent" for parents of underage freshmen and more...

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Application, Admission & Enrollment Info

Application deadlines | Enrollment deadlines | Semester deadlines
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