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Extended opening & learning hours

The branch libraries GW/GSW and LK extend their opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 8am - 9pm, Saturdays: 10am - 9pm.
The bookable timeslots for the individual study places also expand accordingly.
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Events and more

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Completely digital New exhibition

Students from the Bachelor and Master of Education present their cinematic works in a digital exhibition as part of art education.

The University Library, in cooperation with the Institute of Art and Art History, presents the stop-motion videos for the first time as an online exhibition.

To the exhibition

How to reach us Information on site & via videochat

We are available for you on-site at the information desks in the branch libraries GW/GSW, LK and Medicine:
Mondays to Fridays,
10am - 4pm

Of course you are still welcome to use our virtual info desk:
Talk to us live or post your questions in the chat.
Mondays to Fridays,
11am - 3pm

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New format for lecturers KaffeebUDE

With this new format, the E-Learning Alliance offers lecturers the opportunity for informal discussion about experiences and challenges in digital teaching.

Next topic:

Spielerisch und flexibel zu mehr Motivation?! Empirische Ergebnisse zu Gamification in der digitalen Lehre
Dr. Inga Gryl, Swantje Borukhovich-Weis
Tuesday, 10/08/2021, 10pm - 11pm

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Workshop series for doctoral students Publication Days

The next event's topic, online via Zoom:

Das World Wide Web als wissenschaftliche Informationsquelle
Ein Einblick in Google und Co.

Astrid Keusemann, Christina Kläre
Thursday, 29/07/2021, 10am - 11am

Info & registration

Seminar series In a nutshell!
30-minute search tips

You need an overview of existing knowledge, but you don't know where and how to find it?

We have the answers to your questions about scientific search.

Topics & dates

A good start Introductions online:
Library Basics

Learn the basics of literature search - online via Zoom
Registration is not necessary.

Wednesdays at 11:30am,
about 30 minutes

If you prefer a seminar in English language:
Sign up for our Library Basics

Info & link to the course room

What moves us


The UDE is one of the founding members of the European Universities Network AURORA.

The UL has been actively involved since the beginning of the project.


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Titelblatt des OGeSoMo-Sammelbandes

Books in Open Access

Is Open Access for "book subjects" a model for the future?

The UL pursues this question in its newly published and freely accessible anthology.

Read more in our BibBlog

Research Data Services

Digital data is already an important part of the research process.

We support you in your research data management.

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Ordering articles from Elsevier journals

UDE members can order articles free of charge from journals published by the Elsevier Publishing Group which have not been available electronically since 01/01/2019.

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