Returning media

Returning media during our opening hours

Borrowed media can be returned in the particular branch library. It is not necessary to present a library card and not important who borrowed the media.

Media can also be returned on the other campus (in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, the LK Library or the Medical Library).

The library recommends to examine your receipt to make sure it is correct and complete. Complaints will be accepted only if the particular receipt is presented.

Opening hours of our branch libraries

Return machines

Do it yourself: return media yourself

Humanities and Social Sciences and LK Library

Please follow the instructions on the screen and scan the bar code labels individually.

All returned media are listed on the the screen.

If required, a receipt can be printed.

MNT Library

Please scan the bar code labels individually.

If required, a receipt can be printed.

Sorting unit

Media are transported from the two input units on a conveyer and presorted on book carts.

Return boxes outside the Humanities and Social Sciences Library and the LK Library

  • Returning happens on your own responsibility.
  • You will not get a a receipt for the returned media.
  • Media borrowed via interlibrary loan as well as oversized media are excluded.
  • Returning of short-term loans is not possible.
  • Please assure that loose inserts etc. can not get lost.

If the return boxes are full, they can not be opened any more. It is your risk if the return on the due date is not possible.

Please keep in mind that the return can overlap with a demand note. When media have been returned in time, fees will be waived or reduced on the next working day.


Essen campus Humanities and Social Sciences Library

  • next to the main entrance R11
  • available around the clock

Duisburg campus LK Library

  • next to the main entrance of the LK building
  • available around the clock

Duisburg campus BA Library

  • Building BA, 1st floor, entrance area of ​​the specialized library BA
  • during the opening hours of the BA building:
  • mo - fr:  06:45am - 08:45 pm
    sa:          08:00am - 12:30pm

Duisburg campus MC Library

The MC Library is currently closed. The return box is not available.

Return by post

Return at your own risk

Borrowed media can also be returned by post to the library. Please pack the media safely and attach an informal letter with your name, address and ID number.

Please note:

The University Library assumes no liability for mail lost or damaged by post. The responsibility for borrowed media lies with the sender until delivery. Provide proof of shipment and, if possible, a legible postmark. The date of the postmark is considered the return date.

Please use one of the following addresses:

Universitätsbibliothek Duisburg-Essen
Fachbibliothek LK
Lotharstr. 65
D - 47057 Duisburg

Universitätsbibliothek Duisburg-Essen
Fachbibliothek GW/GSW
Universitätsstr. 9-11
D - 45141 Essen