Services for people with special needs


Especially for students with visual impairment

Staff members from our Department for Digital Services are working on converting teaching materials from a pdf format to a reader-friendly EPUB format, Word format or any other needed format.

We are providing advice and will respond to your personal needs as far as possible. In addition, we take care of legal and technical issues and cooperate with colleagues from the UAR libraries.

Please use our service and contact our colleague in charge:
Katrin Falkenstein-Feldhoff
Digital Library Services
Duisburg campus, LK 130
+49 (0) 203 379 1504


Especially for students with reduced hearing ability

In all branch libraries, a portable audio induction loop system (LoopHear) is available for people with reduced hearing ability to receive audio signals without any interference through their hearing aid.

An induction loop transmits audio signals clearly and free of other distracting noise in the environment the hearing-impaired listener. For library users, who don't have a hearing aid or a "T" (telecoil) button at their device, earphones are available.

Please contact information services in the respective branch library.


Barrier-free access to the branch libraries, lifts

Duisburg campus, LK Library:
  • Lotharstr. 65
  • main entrance with automatic sliding doors
  • all floors accessible by lift
  • library offices not accessible to wheelchair users (fire doors without automatic door openers)
  • lift from level 3.5 to level 3
  • some emergency exits only accessible via 3 steps upwards and one step downstairs
Duisburg campus, MC Library:
  • Lotharstr. 1
  • wheelchair accessible
  • access to the library areas through automatic doors
  • adjustable turnstile, can be opened to pass through
Duisburg campus, BA Library:
  • Bismarckstr. 81
  • accessible to wheelchair users by elevator from the back of the building
  • limited access to the library areas (fire door)
Essen campus, Humanities and Social Sciences Library:
  • Universitätsstr. 9 - 11
  • broader entrance via ramp with 10% incline from the campus / courtyard [between R09 and R11]
  • 1st and 2nd floor are accessible via lifts
Essen campus, MNT Library:
  • Universitätsstr. 15 (entrance V15 from the campus / courtyard)
  • automatic door opener at the building entrance V15
  • the library is situated on the 1st floor (S01 C19)
  • a lift is available
  • automatic door opener at library entrance door
Medical Library:
  • Hufelandstr. 55 [University Hospital, Holsterhausen]
  • wheelchair accessible
  • a lift and ramps are available within the building



If no wheelchar accessible toilet is available within a branch library, the nearest barrier-free toilets are listed here.
Duisburg campus, LK Library:
  • on the ground floor
Duisburg campus, BA Library:
  •  on the ground floor in the BA building (BA 047, near the main entrance)
  •  on the ground floor in the buildings BB and BC
Duisburg campus, MC Library:
  • on the ground floor in the MC building (MC 006)
  • on the ground floor in the MG building (MG 004)
Essen campus, Humanities and Social Sciences Library:
  • in the R12 building (close to the Café Rosso entrance),
  • in R11 R01 (at the entrance beneath the underpass between R12 and R11)
  • in the S07 building (ground floor) or
  • in the V15 building (for example in hallway R on the ground floor)
Campus Essen, Fachbibliothek MNT:
  • in building (V15), level 0, towards V17, in aisle G
Medical Library:
  • on the ground floor


PC workstations for students with visual impairment

In the LK Library (Duisburg) and in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Essen), one pc workstation is equipped with the screen reader software JAWS.

JAWS (Job Access with Speech) uses audio response via sound card output to read the current screen content (webpages, documents from word processing) to the user. 

You will find the PCs near to the information desks.

In the Humanities and Social Sciences Library you will also find a PC workstation equipped with ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, large screen and large keyboard on the 1st floor (room A).


Special support

In some cases people with special needs may apply for a library card that includes extended loan periods.

In addition, lockers are available at special conditions (easy access, extended loan periods). Please contact the library staff at the lending desks.

Do you have more questions?
Are you looking for literature?
Do you need assistance?

Our staff at the information desks in our branch libraries will be happy to help you. Please contact us or use our web form to write us.

If necessary, you can leave your book lists with the staff. We will collect them and place them for you at the lending desk. Individual items can also be fetched right away for you.