UL: Information for UDE doctoral students

Publication Days

In our workshop series for doctoral students you will receive practical information and tips
on how to publish your research results safely and professionally.

Info & programme overview

Special services and advice for exam candidates, doctoral and
postdoctoral students

We will support you and answer your questions about literature research, our additional services, etc.

You are welcome to contact the referees responsible for your subject or make an appointment for an individual consultation.

Contact persons & information on your subject area     Arrange an individual appointment

Special conditions of use

Lending modalities and fees

  • longer loan periods
  • free interlibrary loans
  • 6-month lockers
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Personal individual study places

  • 10 well-equipped study places in a separate room in the LK Library (2nd floor)
  • each study place includes a locker or a movable container
  • loan period: 3 months, renewable once
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Scan services

You need digital copies from our print stock, a book or a magazine?

For research & scientific needs

Journal articles can be ordered via Primo.

To order excerpts from books, please use our order form.

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For your Semester Reference Collections

Please use our online semester reference collections. Usually, up to 15% of a book could be digitized and made accessible in a protected way.

Any questions about semester reference collections?
Please email to semapp@uni-due.de.

FAQ semester reference collections

How do I create a scan order?

Publication services

Publish your publication Open Access

The UDE strongly recommends that its scientists publish in Open Access. We are happy to support you with the first and second publication of your publication.

How to reach the DuEPublico team: duepublico.ub@uni-due.de.

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Report your publication to the University Bibliography

You can report all your publications to the university bibliography and create and maintain your entire personal bibliography.

We will be happy to assist you:

Report a publication