Welcome to the Humanities and Social Sciences Library!

Humanities and Social Sciences Library (= GW/GSW)

The first time you visit the library, please get your student card activated at the service desk. At the information desk we will be happy to help you with questions about the library and literature research.

Books can be borrowed independently at our self-check-out stations and returned at the return machine.

The e-Point (ZIM) helps you with all questions concerning WLAN, VPN, UDE identification (= Unikennung) etc.

Opening and service hours, rules of conduct,
lending conditions etc.

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Our services

PCs for your research are located on almost every floor. There are also numerous copiers/printers and scanners available.

As a UDE student, you can book study places in the library and rent lockers for 4 weeks.

At the pay machine you can pay fees, change money and buy a few useful things.

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Our holdings

Our library collections are usually openly accessible.

Media that can be borrowed have an odd location mark (E11, E13 etc.), even location marks (e.g. E10, E20) indicate reference holdings. The stocks are sorted on the shelves according to our classification system.

Books, CDs and DVDs as well as the semester collections can be found on the 1st floor. The textbook collection is located in the basement. Journals and newspapers are situated on the 2nd floor.

Plans of all library floors

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Please wear a mouth-and-nose protection during your entire stay in the library and register with your student / library card when entering and leaving the library.