Printing, copying, scanning

Where can I copy, print and scan?

In all branch libraries, copiers for printing and copying
as well as various scanners are available.

How much does it cost?

Printing and copying cost as follows:

DIN A4 format, black and white 0.045 € per sheet
DIN A4 format, colour 0.195 € per sheet
DIN A3 format, black and white 0.081 € per sheet
DIN A3 format, colour 0.381 € per sheet

The credit on the student ID / copy cards must be at least about 0.08 € for b/w copiers and about 0.38 € for colour copiers.

You can use the scanners for free.

How do I pay?

UDE students,
students of the Folkwang University and the University of Applied Sciences HRW

pay with the credit of your student IDs.

External users
can buy copy cards for the copiers at machines.

UDE staff members
can use special copiers which are operated with the copy cards (paper cards) from the faculties.
In addition, copy cards can be purchased for private printing. Alternatively, the payment function of the personal multifunctional chip card can be enabled for the printing system.

Can I get a receipt?

If you want to get a receipt of your printing or copying expenses, please contact the Student Union (Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg). Please provide the number of your copy card or your user ID.

Where can I get a copy card?

Copy cards are available at machines in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library and in the LK Library. A copy card costs 5.00 €. The 5.00 € cover a deposit of 4.00 € and an initial budget.

Where can I recharge my student ID / my copy card?

Top-up-machines are available in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library and in the LK Library. You can top up your card with notes from 5.00 € up.

The maximum credit may not exceed 99.00 €.

Where can I return my copy card? Whom do I contact if there is a problem?

In case of technical problems with the copiers, for example defective copies or printouts, please contact the e-Point. Staff members will forward all error messages to Konica-Minolta.

Please contact the Student Union (Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg):

  • if you have problems with copy cards or student IDs
  • if you want to return your copy card and get your deposit back
Essen campus: Duisburg campus:
Mon - Thu  1pm - 3pm Mon - Thu  11am - 1pm

Reckhammerweg 1

Card Service Essen
Sonja Struensee, Anastasia Goudinoudi
+49 (0) 201 82010 111

Building MM, Lotharstraße 23

Card Service Duisburg
Bettina Laube
+49 (0) 203 379 4169

Please note:
For technical reasons, the processing of complaints is only possible with a time delay.

Read more about cashless payment (

Where can I print?

Printing from files stored on USB flash drives is possible on all copiers.

Can I print files from my USB flash drive?

Yes, this is possible on all copiers. Only USB flash drives formatted on Windows are recognised. Only common file formats are displayed and printed, e.g. *.pdf, *docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx.

How do I start printing?

  • Insert your student ID or your service card  into the card reader.
  • Wait until the card balance is displayed.
  • Connect the USB flash drive in the side of the copier.
  • Select the option "Print document form ext. memory" (= "Dokument aus ext. Speicher drucken") in the pop-up window.
  • Select the file you want to print.
  • All compatible files are displayed (e.g. *.pdf, *docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx).
  • Select "Print" (= "Drucken").
  • If necessary, adjust print settings, e.g. "colour print" (= "Farbdruck").
  • Press the blue button below the touch screen to start the print job.
  • Wait until the print job has finished.
  • Remove the USB flash drive.
  • End the process on the card reader with the command "End".

Can I print in colour?

Yes, this is possible on the colour copiers. You can change the print setting before you start the print job by pressing the blue button.

Can I copy in colour?

Yes, you can copy in colour on some copiers. 
Please choose the option "Vollfarbe" in the display:

How do I recognize a colour copier?

There are few colour copiers in the branch libraries. They are clearly marked by signs on the front.

In addition, you can recognize a colour copier by the little colourful flag next to the type description which is located on the front in a knee-high position. 

Can I copy on DIN A3 format?

Yes, you can copy in DIN A3 format at some copiers.
Please choose "A3" on the display:

Can I copy on foil sheets?

No, it is not possible to insert foil sheets into the copiers.

Are there special copiers for UDE staff members?

Special copiers for UDE staff members are available in all branch libraries except the Medical Library.

These special  copiers can only be operated with copy cards (paper cards) acquired in the faculties. Copy cards of the AStA or of other institutions are not valid.

Which scanners are available?

Various scanners are available in all branch libraries.

To the overview of the different scanners

How much does it cost?

You can use the scanners for free. Please bring your USB flash drive.

Can I scan directly to my USB flash drive?

Yes, you can scan directly to your USB flash drive on all copiers and scanners.

Please proceed as follows:
  • insert your copy card into the card reader (there will be no costs!)
  • insert your USB flash drive into the port on the top right
  • confirm  the option "Dokument in externen Speicher ablegen" (= "export document to external storage medium")
  • choose "Anwendung" (= "application")
  • activate "separater Scan" (= "separate scan")
  • click on the check mark to leave the menu
  • use the default file name or choose a new one
  • if necessary, adjust the scan options (for example coloured scan)
  • press "Start"
  • when the scan is complete, choose "beenden" (= "end") and press "Start" again
  • remove your card and your USB flash drive

Can I buy a USB flash drive in the library?

USB flash drives (32 GB) with a value of 6.30 € are available at the lending desks in all branch libraries. In the LK Library and in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, you can buy a coupon/voucher at the pay machines.

Can I send my scans by email?

No emails can be send on the copiers.

You can email your scans at the flat bed scanners respectively at the connected PCs.