Open Access

The University of Duisburg-Essen strongly recommends its scientists to publish Open Access. The free availability of OA publications increases the worldwide visibility of research achievements at the UDE.

The UL supports this goal and, in addition to regular literature funds, will provide an OA publication fund to facilitate the publication of research results in open access journals, monographs and anthologies.

What is Open Acess?

Open access means free and open access to scientific publications and other scientific materials for all users on the Internet.

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Initial release in an Open Access Publication

The publication of articles in OA journals, articles in OA collections or as an OA monograph enables direct and free access to scientific publications.

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Secondary publication on DuEPublico

Many articles are first published in magazines and collections, for which license fees have to be paid.

The open access secondary publication on websites or in digital repositories enables free free access to scientific publications.

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Further services for you


Publish your doctoral thesis online on DuEPublico - promptly, free of charge and accessible worldwide via Open Access!

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University Bibliography

Create your personal list of publications and help us to complete a list of all UDE publications!

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On the track of the publications:
who publishes with whom, how often, with what impact -
we take a closer look.

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