Searching printed and electronic journals in Primo:


Searching journal articles:


You will find books, journals and other media in our holdings as well as reserved collections, contents from the libraries’ website, the university bibliography and also numerous articles from a lot of other sources.

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Interdisciplinary and subject-specific databases are available in the Digital Library.

In the result lists, the button   will forward you to ...

  • the full text article (if available!),
  • the printed edition of the periodical in which the article is published (if available!),
  • the possibility to place an interlibrary loan order in case the article is not availabe in one of our printed or electronic journals.

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DigiBib NRW

The Digital Library offers various search profiles. You can select different databases either in the interdisciplinary profile "Journal articles" or in more subject-specific profiles. 

The search profiles can be chosen from the navigation menü on the left ("DATABASE SELECTIONS").

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Availability display in Primo:

Click on the coloured icons for brief information about availability online and in print:

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Electronic Journals

How many journals are available online?

You have access to approximately 40.000 licensed and about 75.000 freely available scientific journals.

This includes full texts from national licenses and full text databases.

How do I search for electronic journals?

Search Primo for online journals licensed in Duisburg-Essen.

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB)Online journals nationwide:
Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

Go to the Electronic Journals Library

Browsing in a virtual shelf

You can search a large selection of the subscribed eJournals on a virtual shelf:


More about BrowZine

How can I access a full text online?

Students and University members have online access to licensed journals.

External users can use the PCs in the branch libraries to access journals online.

More about login for guests at the libraries' PCs

What do I need?

UDE members can use licensed products without any restrictions from outside the campi via VPN access or on some platforms via Shibboleth authentication.

More about access from home

How do I order articles?

Electronic journals and newspapers are not available via interlibrary loan.

Printed journals

How many printed journals are available?

Approximately 1100 journals are currently available in printed versions.

How do I search for printed

Search Primo for journals available in Duisburg or Essen.

  Journals nationwide:
  Database for Serial Titles (ZDB)

Go to the Database for Serial Titles

Where do I find printed journals?

You can find printed journals in all branch libraries.

Journals are not lendable with only few exceptions.

Are there also newspapers in the branch libraries?

Numerous daily and weekly newspapers are also in stock, some older editions are available on microfilm or mirofiche.

List of available newspapers

What do I need do know?

Please note the following details:

How do I order articles?

  • Articles which are only available on the other campus or in closed stockrooms can be ordered via internal article delivery service by UDE staff members and students.
    Internal article delivery service
  • Articles which are not or only partly available in Duisburg or Essen can be ordered via interlibrary loan.
    Interlibrary Loan