Personal lockers for students

In order to make it easier for you to work in the library, personal lockers are available in all branch ibraries.
In Primo you can check availability or reserve a locker.

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Who can use a personal locker?

Personal lockers are available to students of the UDE and the UA Ruhr for 28 days.

Students in exams as well as doctoral and postdoctoral students of the UDE can use special lockers or book carts for six months.

In addition, 10 individual study places including a locker or movable container are available for exam candidates and doctoral candidates of the UDE in the LK Library.

What can I store in a locker?

These lockers are intended for storing borrowed books and your writing materials.

The library accepts no liability for items stored in the lockers (valuables, such as laptops) in the event of loss or damage.

Leaflet on personal lockers

Where do I get a locker key?

You can get the key at the lending or service desk of the respective branch library.

Please remember our opening and service hours.

Are there any costs involved?

The use of these lockers is free. In case of exceeding the due date, there will be a fine according to the scale of charges and fees in the University Library of the Duisburg-Essen University from April 9th 2010.

In case of loss there is a fine of 35.00 € for a replacement lock and key. In addition, there is a service charge of 25.00 €.

Lockers for bags and coats

Lockers for your coats and bags are available in the foyers of some branch libraries.

You can close the lockers by inserting a coin (BA Library and LK Library: 1.00 € or 2.00 € coin / MC Library: 2.00 € coin). When you open the locker, you will automatically get back your coin.

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