What fees are charged?

The use of Duisburg-Essen University Library is free of charge for ...

  • Students and employees of the UDE,
  • members of other universities sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia,
  • school students.

There can be charges in the following cases, according to the scale of charges and fees in the University Library of the Duisburg-Essen University from April 9th 2010:

Where and how can I pay fees?

 You can pay any outstanding fees at these branch libraries:

  • LK Library (Duisburg campus),
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Essen campus),
  • MNT Library (Essen campus),
  • Medical Library (University Clinic Essen).

In the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, the LK Libray and the MNT Library, our pay machines are available for cash payments as well as for payments with the EC card.

Opening & service hours

Annual fee for external users

For users who are not students or members of the Duisburg-Essen University or members of another university under the responsible body of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, an annual fee of 20.00 € is due.

School students can use the Duisburg-Essen University Library for free and don't have to pay any usage fee.

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Belated return of media

If borrowed items are not returned in time, the following rates are due for each item:

  • 1st reminder notice (from the 1st calendar day after the due date): 2.00 €
  • 2nd reminder notice (from the 11th calendar day after the due date): additional 3.00 €
  • 3rd reminder notice (from the 21st calendar day after the due date): additional 5.00 €
  • 4th reminder notice (from the 31st calendar day after the due date): additional 10.00 €

If an item borrowed on a short-term loan is not returned on time, 2.00 € will be charged per borrowed item and calendar day.

Should borrowed items not be returned despite several reminders, an enforced collection procedure will be initiated. For the collection of charges and the reimbursement of expenses, the Law on Administrative Enforcement Procedures of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia in its current version is applicable.

Loss of media

In case of loss or damage of borrowed media, you are liable for damages according to our terms of use. The library will determine the amount due.

In addition, an administrative fee of 25.00 € will be charged in accordance with our scale of fees.

Loss of locker keys

In case of loss of a locker key, a fee of 35.00 € is due for a replacement lock and key. In addition, an administrative fee of 25.00 € will be charged in accordance with our scale of fees.

Flat-rate charge for interlibrary loan orders

For each book or article order, usually a flat-rate charge of 1.50 € is levied. This is a flat rate that also applies if delivery is not possible or an order is cancelled.

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Replacement card

Please inform the library immediately should you lose your library card and have it invalidated to prevent misuse. A replacement card costs 10.00 € according to our scale of fees.

Reprographies by user order

The University Library as well as the University Archive offer certain services of reprography.

For details and costs, please see the appendices to our scale of fees: