Open Educational Resources at the UDE

True to its guiding principle "Open-Minded", the University of Duisburg-Essen supports the free exchange of digital
educational materials - also known as Open Educational Resources or OER - in the teaching community.

In line with the United Nations' education agenda, the UDE sees the promotion of open educational materials as an important contribution to inclusive and equal opportunity education and lifelong learning for all.

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6th OER network meeting:
Quality assurance and OER

When:  04.07.2024, 10:00 - 12:00am
Where: online, via Zoom

The 6th OER network meeting is dedicated to the topic of quality assurance of OER. We would like to discuss questions and problems with you in order to find ways in which we can tackle current obstacles in the area of quality assurance together with you.

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OER funding for teachers

When: Applications can be submitted now
What: funding for transferring educational materials into OER

Would you like to publish your own teaching and learning materials as OER? Then you can also apply for a grant in 2024!

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OER in a nutshell

Annett Zobel, Pixabay License

What are OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that are published free of charge under an open licence and are freely accessible due to the selected licence.

The type of media is not decisive: a particularly successful handout can become an OER, as can a podcast produced by students.

Who are OER interesting for?

For teachers, OER are enriching and free materials that can improve the quality of their courses.

For students, OER are helpful materials to deepen educational content. They can also be co-creation partners and gain experience in educational delivery.


What are the potentials of OER?

Open, free educational materials offer particular potential for collaboration and cooperation, competence development and the development of new pedagogical practice to support the development of learners and teachers in all educational sectors in a digital life and work world in the 21st century.


OER policy

The OER policy of our university contains recommendations on how to provide and use OER as well as all information on the strategic importance of OER in the context of digitalised university teaching.

From the policy:
"The UDE sees the provision of freely available educational materials as an opportunity to promote open access to quality education through the dissemination of Open Educational Resources (OER), to establish a culture of sharing and thus to further enhance the quality of study and teaching."

OER Policy of the UDE

OER Policy in DuEPublico

UDE projects

There are already numerous projects at the UDE in which OER are developed and made available to teachers and students (e.g. from the DH.NRW funding lines such as or the ZHQE "Teaching-Learning Innovations").

In some courses, students are also involved in the production of OER.

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OER for teachers

You are a teacher interested in OER? On our service page for teachers you can find out everything you need to know:

  • Where can I find OER for my teaching?
  • How do I create my own OER?
  • What funding opportunities can I take advantage of?
  • How can I get personal advice?
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OER for students

You are a student interested in OER? On our service page for students you can find out everything you need to know:

  • How do I find OER?
  • How do I create my own OER?
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