Sharing inspires! Open Educational Resources (OER) for studying and teaching at the UDE

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What are OER?

OER are digital teaching and learning materials that are made available free of charge and without further restrictions, and are published under a free license. 

Who are OER for?

For teachers, OER are enriching and free materials that can improve the quality of their courses.
For students, OER are helpful materials to deepen educational content. They can also be co-creation partners and gain experience in education delivery.

Why OER?

- Time saving
- Quality of resources increases
- Quality of learning and teaching increases
- Visibility of own work is increased
- Reputation as a subject expert increases
- Sharing educates!

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How to find OER for your teaching


You can find OER that have been created at UDE on DuEPublico. Filter by subject, keywords, language or other criteria.

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The state portal is a joint project of the public universities and universities of applied sciences in the sponsorship of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the state colleges of art and music of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.



Moodle course rooms can also be offered as OER for subsequent use. These are filed in the "Open UDE" section.

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How to create your own OER - in just 3 steps

Select material to be shared

Have you created a set of slides for your lecture that you are particularly proud of?
Sharing it with colleagues will increase the visibility of your work and enhance your reputation as a subject matter expert.
Did you know? You can also make your Moodle course room available as an OER. Here you can find out how.

Choose a creative commons license

Choose an open license and thus unalterably define what can be done with your material.
You can find all information about CC licenses and their application here.

Upload material

Almost done!
Just upload your teaching material to DuEPublico - make sure to keyword it appropriately so that third parties can find your work quickly.
You can upload your OER here.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

"How to manage" Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open format: imparting basic knowledge & exchange & collegial advice
We give information about:

  •     Open Educational Resources (OER)
  •     Creative Commons licenses (CC licenses)
  •     Dealing with image rights
  •     Search portals at a glance
  •     State portal

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