E-book offers

The UL is continuously expanding its range of electronic media by by licensing ebooks from from all disciplines.

Around 466.000 e-books are currently available, partly accessible for a limited time in projects of user-controlled acquisition.

In addition, many e-books are available via national licences financed by the DFG.

Currently in focus - new offers

Institution of Engineering and

The IET Digital Library provides permanent access to over 750 e-books.

IET Digital Library

American Chemical Society

More than 1600 e-books from the American Chemical Society are unlocked through 30/04/2023.

After that, the 60 most important e-books are selected for permanent access.

ACS e-books

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

As part of the E-Books.NRW initiative, 22.000 e-books from the Elsevier Publishing Group have been released on the ScienceDirect platform.

These e-books will be available until the end of April 2024, after which particularly important and highly used titles will be selected for permanent access.


User-driven acquisition (EBS)

Here you will find temporary offers of user-driven acquisition (EBS); the e-books are listed in the Primo catalogue. After the offers have expired, some of the e-books are selected and are then permanently available.

Some offers are made possible by the Initiative E-Books.NRW.

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How to suggest e-books for purchase

The title you need is only available in print or not even available at all?

The library would like to buy more e-books, which are available for all UDE members.

Suggest titles for purchase!
We will then check whether the e-book can be purchased for UDE-wide use.

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How to use e-books

University members of the UDE can use licensed e-books regardless of time and location. For access from outside the campsite, please log in via Shibboleth or VPN. For both login methods, your UDE identification (= Unikennung) and the corresponding password are required.

External users can use the PC workstations in the branch libraries for their research. It is possible to store excerpts from e-books on a USB flash drive or print them out for a fee.

Access via Shibboleth

Shibboleth is a method for distributed authentication and authorization for web applications and web services. For authentication you need your UDE identification (= Unikennung) and your password.

Instructions for shibboleth authentication

Access via VPN

Through access via VPN (Virtual Private Network) you build a tunnel to the UDE network. All your data traffic is transmitted via an encrypted connection via the UDE VPN server. As long as the connection exists, your computer is assigned an IP address from the university network.

Accessing the Internet via VPN

Please note:
Usually, e-books can be used by several users simultaneously.

For some e-books only a limited number of simultaneous accesses is available. In this case, you will be notified when all available licenses are used. Please try again after some time.

Terms of use for electronic resources

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the use of e-books, we will be happy to help you: