How many e-books does the library offer?

The Duisburg-Essen University Library keeps expanding its range of electronic media by purchasing and licencing e-books of all subjects.

Currrently, about 288.000 e-books are available:
  • 56.000 titles, purchased or licensed separately or as part of a collection,
  • 60.000 titles, purchased temporarily in patron driven acquisition models
    as well as
  • 172.000 more e-books, available available through the DFG national licenses.

How can I find e-books?

How can I use e-books?

Members of the UDE can access licenced e-books at any time and place. An access beyond the campuses is possible via VPN (Login with university identification = Unikennung).

External users can access e-books on one of the PC workplaces in the branch libraries. It is possible to save excerpts from e-books on a USB flash drive or to print for a fee.

The complete content of an e-book is quickly accessible via full-text search so that fast and easy access to certain information is ensured.

Generally, e-books can be used by several users at once so that reservations and waiting periods do not apply.

Please note:

Some e-books are only available with a limited access for only one user at a time. If a licence is currently in use, you yill get an error message. Please try again to access the e-book after a while.

What do I have to know?

Please mind the terms of use of every e-book provider.

If you have further questions regarding e-book access or download, please contact our central information services (information@ub.uni-due.de).