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Library Info for First Semester Students

For first-year students, we have compiled all the information you need for starting your studies,
for orientation in the branch libraries and for our advisory services.

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Courses and advisory services on information and data literacy

Courses on literature research and management
(Information Literacy)

At the UL, we have a wide range of courses for students that you can attend free of charge at any time.

We have different courses on literature research and literature management with Citavi and EndNote, which you can also have credited for your library certificate.

In our Writing sprints you can practise preparing for a writing task and staying focused.

For students from abroad, we offer courses in English.

Anyone who wants to improve their information skills independently of course times can take advantage of our self-learning options.

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Courses on dealing with data
(Data Literacy)

At the UL, we also provide you with basic and in-depth knowledge on how to deal with data.

At DataCampus UDE, you will learn the basics of data management and data analysis.

The DataEDUcation online course teaches you everything you need to know about researching, evaluating and processing numerical data and statistics.

The UDE Hacky Hour is an open place to tinker with codes, data and tools with others.

In the area of Research Data Management, we have a wide range of courses in the FDM curriculum for advanced students and doctoral candidates.

Library services for students

Are you looking for the right place to study and work?

In the branch libraries and at many other locations on the campuses there are

  • study and work rooms for concentrated individual work,
  • for study groups and also
  • for a short break.


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You would like to suggest a title for purchase?

Please first check in Primo whether the title is already available in print or online.

Use our form to suggest a title for purchase. We will then check whether the purchase of a print edition or the licensing of an e-book is possible.

Your purchase proposal: to the form

Do you need scans from the printed UL holdings?

Journal articles can be ordered via Primo. Excerpts from books can also be ordered to a limited extent.

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You would like to publish your dissertation or habilitation?

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a drop-off, please email us: dissertationen.ub@uni-due.de.

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Special services for ...

Students in exams

Foreign students