Bibliographic Management Software

Bibliographic management software tools are essential for successful and quick studying.
They offer support in various ways:

  • to maintain an overview of your references
  • to collect your references and quotations fast and completely
  • to edit, arrange and evaluate your bibliographic data, quotations and annotations in a time-saving way, with full access all the time
  • to create bibliographies and lists of references automatically
  • to add sources correctly formatted to your paper or theses.

We offer campus licences, supporting information, workshops and counseling to the following software tools:

  • campus licence
  • installation on your desktop
  • only for Windows
  • more about Citavi
  • campus licence
  • desktop and online
  • for Windows and Mac
  • more about EndNote

 You will find a detailed comparison in German language here.

Here is an informative video how to benefit from bibliographic management software:

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Clean your desk with Citavi
(3' 11", copyright: RWTH Aachen)