Services for parents

Especially for parents accompanied by children

Our "reading ship"

Parents will find a wooden miniature ship filled with picture books and storybooks for young children in the LK Library on the Duisburg campus.


1st floor, in front of the information desk

Separate room for parents with children

In the LK Library (Duisburg) and MNT Library (Essen), parents accompanied by their children will find a place to work in a seperate room.

Reservations in advance are welcome. Please contact information services.

When the room is not taken by parents with children, it can be used as a group study room.

Resting, nursing and changing rooms

There are several resting, nursing and changing rooms at UDE.
If you are staying in the library, you can use one of these rooms:

  • LK 145, 1st floor (please ask at the information on the first floor)
  • V15 S01 C50 (key issue at the service desk in the MNT library)